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by macs50 25 Mar 2015, 11:22
[quote="webb89"]It seems to me that, in light of current events, everyone should have to obtain a visa before travel.

If you are able to just pitch up in Turkey hand over the money and walk in the only purpose of the visa is to raise revenue.

no the reason they charge is because we the brits charge them the germans and I believe the irish don't pay as they don't charge the turks

by oldfogy 25 Mar 2015, 12:09
The Irish I believe don't pay because Ireland helped Turkey out with a monetary loan some years ago when few other countries seemed to want to help, so it was Turkeys way of showing it's thanks.

At least that is what I read on the net some time ago.
by oldfogy 25 Mar 2015, 13:35
Until anyone can give us a definite answer, could it be the RP's are free for Irish passport holders?

I know it's one or the other.
by JJH 25 Mar 2015, 13:50
Got Visas this morning thank goodness no probs at all,no stress
so best to get them during the week, can only think there was an
overload of application's last Saturday making the site crash :( :)
by oldfogy 25 Mar 2015, 14:05
Glad to hear you got your Visa's eventually.

It was a Thursday when I got mine, and quite late at night, maybe also being late at night might of helped.
by dredboy 02 Oct 2018, 14:42
Can you still pay for visa with cash at Bodrum Airport or is it compulsory to do it online Thanks for replies
by Bugsy 03 Oct 2018, 07:50
Someone said on FB last week that they could still purchase at Bodrum for 20 GBP.

Obviously cheaper to do it on-line with the link:-

I guess an option will have to be available for those that are still unaware of the need for a Visa visiting Turkey?
Or those who have expired/lapsed & not realised.

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