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by kmorgan 21 Feb 2019, 17:49
Hi everyone

Its a while since I was on here. We sold our apartment a few years ago, but now we are thinking of buying again. How has the front changed? We heard that Big Bens has gone.

Whats everyones advice on buying again in Altinkum


by Tinker 27 Feb 2019, 09:54
Big Ben's has long gone.
by ted j 15 Mar 2019, 08:17
The front has changed considerably , where the Sunshine bar was is now a bistro with garden swings outside for seating
The area from the old Vista right up to the little bungalow next to the Toy bar has all new buildings in glass, housing
An ice cream parlour where the vista was (currently being used as a voting station for the local elections to be held at the end of this month)
A new Turkcell shop, a fast food place, two shops and a few other places still shut yet and further up there is A Gloria jeans coffee shop and 2 new pubs the Sir Winston and Cosy pub
Ikbals and the Golf pub should reopen next month
All the banks with the exception of an additional branch of Isbank have relocated to near big Migros

A lot of the main and side roads have been surfaced and there are new builds springing up all over

Property prices seem to have fallen slightly with some good deals to be had

The weather has been constant rain since Christmas with only the odd day's sunshine but next week the temperature starts going up (Thank heavens, this winter seems to have gone on for ages )

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