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by mary 27 Jun 2020, 21:19
I jut read today that altinkum residents have to wear face masks in public places.

I go on every night to see the road at the beach front and everyone is wearing masks. Have the police enforced this as I noticed a heavy police presence.

People still not social distancing though
by ted j 28 Jun 2020, 06:46
Yes Mary
We have to wear masks everywhere outside, apart from actually on the beaches or while sat down in a bar or restaurant and yes there was a heavy police presence last night , saw it on the front cam, counted 15 police and a few nights ago , saw one guy getting booked and fined

One thing that is annoying is .......we have had to stay in this weekend due to the students taking their exams, no going out 9am to 3 pm yesterday and 9.30 to 6.30 today (so they don't encounter lots of people milling around when they all emerge after they have finished )

BUT, we found out yesterday that while Turkish nationals and us residents have to obey that , tourists are free to roam about, go on trips, go to the beach etc, so as not to damage further tourism !
by Lyn 28 Jun 2020, 07:44
The fine for not wearing a mask while out & about is TL 900.

I used to be indecisive, but now I think I'm better.
by ted j 30 Jun 2020, 19:56
Lots more wearing them now , but you do get the odd old bugger or usually 18-25 year old who think they are immune
Laughed my socks off the other night, one young cock was strutting along the front (saw this on camera) and he didn't have a mask , 2 police pulled him over and bang fined , he protested but they were having none of it
by mary 02 Jul 2020, 14:50
I’ve just been told by a local Turk that Covid 19 has come back again, and that the middle age to older generation are very worried.

As I said the young are still not social distancing
by ted j 02 Jul 2020, 16:49
We have currently 8 cases in Didim, all in self isolation
Most people are wearing them now (apart from the young poseurs strutting up and down the front this afternoon)

We are still curfewed after 8pm and more and more people are getting completely pissed off about it
The latest excuse is............."the young people can be carriers and will infect the old "

Well why not curfew THEM then instead of us ?

Pathetic reasoning , I am hearing more and more elderly people not booking this year because of this ridiculous curfew, I know of 6 people , 3 of them homeowners who won't come because of it
Thus is going to affect the tourism industry badly
Say young married couple with a kiddie come with grandad and nana , come 8 o clock , grandad and nana have to stay in hotel room ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,would you come???
by Gangsta 03 Jul 2020, 12:23
Say young married couple with a kiddie come with grandad and nana , come 8 o clock , grandad and nana have to stay in hotel room ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,would you come???

Guaranteed Babysitter :D
by ted j 03 Jul 2020, 17:00
That comment isn't funny if like us, you have not been able to go out after 8pm since March

If our family come (as they might now) it means we can't even go out for an evening meal together, it's too bloody hot at 6pm
by cookie6 03 Jul 2020, 17:35
We won’t be going out much but when we will both of us will be wearing Aston Villa masks
by ted j 10 Jul 2020, 05:14
Just take a look at the front cameras during the daytime , there are so many young Superman/woman who will never ever get the virus and don't give a toss about wearing a mask because they are furking posers and anyway, if another curfew comes, they will be the last to have it imposed on them

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