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by Sharon Knight 10 Apr 2022, 12:11
Just viewing the webcams and it's so nice to see the front and the beach busy. What's happeningbin Altinkum these days sadly there is not much information on the forum as there used to be. But sadly many earlier member like myself don't own or visit anymore. I am hopefully going to visit later in the year and l'm sure l will be shocked at how the place has changed over-the past few years. But l suppose it's progress but sadly not the kind thst seems to make the place better for many.

I do really miss all our old friends and good times but will be really interesting to see what's life now over there,

by Juco 10 Apr 2022, 17:21
For one reason or another most of the community from old have moved on.

by michaelandanita 12 Apr 2022, 19:52
Managed to get out there for the first time in 2 1/2 years last November for a break staying at the new Maxeria Blue hotel just outside Akbuk. Lovely hotel in a great location. Review on Tripadvisor.
Got the Dolmus into Altinkum on a few occasions and was really impressed on how it looked considering like the rest of the world, had been ‘locked down’ for two years with hardly any tourist trade to rely on. New roads had been made in the area towards the 2nd beach from the bottom of the boulevard, passed the police station and down passed new shiny apartment blocks on the old Dolanay site. Also from the harbour to the Didim beach hotel which according to its website has been refurbished and renamed Laur Hotel and looks very impressive (artists impressions) The new open air theatre was well underway with its construction on the same road.
The front looked very smart with its new bars and restaurants, in between the remaining regular ones including Iqbals, Topkapi, Pinocchios etc, bars we frequented with friends for many years, some of whom are no longer with us.
Altinkum has moved on and times have changed. It no longer appears to be the ‘little Britain’ we all remember with our experiences over the years whether good or bad. But memories we will always have
Looking at returning again this summer if things stay the same and able to do so.

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