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by Clyde 20 Jul 2008, 18:28
At the end of the day we are all in an unknown country dealing with people we dont know so sometimes you have to take any help you can get, even if it means paying slightly over the odds. As long as you are happy at the end of it, that is all that matters. Good luck to you Martina you have done the right thing.

Hi my name is Clyde and my wife Jackie our daughter is Gabrielle

by Clyde 26 Jul 2008, 10:26
Bridi, How did your visit to Akbuk go, did you manage to stay in your apartment and did things run fairly smoothly for ou?

Hi my name is Clyde and my wife Jackie our daughter is Gabrielle

by Bridi 27 Jul 2008, 20:57
Hi every one at ' Blue Seascape' Clyde, Jackie. Derek, Sarah, and Matt, Hazel and Mum.
Got back this week, meet Derek and Sarah and Matt, Hazel and Mum while staying at Blue Seascape, we all had a lovely time and lots to talk about. The one thing that we all agreed was Atlas u/k after sales were not that good and conflicting item's that we were told that were not included in our apartments. Not very happy with the results.
Blue Seascape is a lovely complex and is one of the best around, not too big. Lovely views and not too far from the beach and corner store for your morning loaf of bread and 6 pack.
Our snag list was quite long, just hope that they do not make too much mess, it took us 7 days to clean our place up as we have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathroom and 4 balcony's, we must have both lost 1 stone in weight due to sweet, it was so hot while we were there 37-42c loved the pool just to get our temperatures down, I don't know what we would of done if we did not have Air-Con in every room, you need it.
The caretaker ' Amit 'is a very nice chap so is his wife, they are both lovely and very friendly can not speak very much English but they try and Amit can understand English quite well, he also loves a nice cold beer.
Well every one I hope that when you all get out there that you will enjoy every moment like me and hubby did, we did not want to come home. Love Diane and Brian ( Bridi )

by Naismiths 28 Jul 2008, 07:06

glad you had a lovely time, we thoroughly enjoyed our week when we first moved in. Can't wait to get back out in Sept, hopefully will be a bit cooler then!!! I know what you mean about cleaning, we only have a 2 bed but I felt I was forever cleaning especially with the workman popping in and out - like you I've left my snagging list and hope they leave things tidy.

I wouldn't agree that Amit can understand English - he struggled a few times with us - lots of finger and thumb gestures to explain things, but he is very helpful if he understands what you need.

We bought with Iberian which I think is Atlas and we didn't even accept their help to move in due to some disputes prior to 1st July - we did everything else with help from Prestige direct. We will still be using Prestige for future car hire and transfers if you need any help with that you can email Bernie direct and she will book for you.

maybe we'll see you there some time.

Martina and Andrew C1

by Bridi 29 Jul 2008, 17:00
Hi Martina and Andrew.
Nice to hear from you, shame that we missed you as we moved in on the 8th July, but did pop in for a quick look around on the 5th, might have seen you around the pool that day as there were a couple of Brit's that day lounging around the pool looking nice a cool.

If I'm correct if you are in C1, love your balcony furniture, you might need to get covers for it as its very dusty at the moment with all the building work still being done and the dry weather causing dust clouds.

I did speck to Bernie at ' Prestige' she's seems very nice and you can talk to her, I will get her to book our transfers ect. Many Thanks and hope to catch up with you both at some point, thinking of coming out again in October not sure yet.
Diane and Brian xx

by Naismiths 31 Jul 2008, 19:10
yes Diane we did see you moving bits and pieces in to your apartment. Good thinking about the covers, we did take the cushions off and put them in the apartment and the rest of we will probably have to hose down when we get back but a cover might be worth investing in - at least it was still there then!!!!

We are over again in Sept for 8 nights. Hope to see you soon.

by Clyde 09 Aug 2008, 11:32
Hi to all Blue Seascapers, hope everyone who has now taken ownership are happy and any issues are being resolved. I dont know whether anyone has a company managing their apartment as yet, but I have been using a company called Altinkum- Lets for the last year and have found them to be very good. They have been doing cleans for us which have been excellant and also pool maintenance. They also pay any bills for us when we are not in Turkey and have certainly made life less stressful since they have taken over. They do all sorts with regard to looking after your property and would highly recommend them.

Hi my name is Clyde and my wife Jackie our daughter is Gabrielle

by percypony 13 Aug 2008, 11:49
Hi all,
Sorry for not posting sooner but been in a bit of a depression since coming back to 'sunny' England!!! LOL!
We had a fantastic time in Akbuk and are really pleased with our apartment and it was lovely to meet Bri and Di and Matt (and Hazel from a distance!) and a nice chap from Belgium (was it Pierre?).
We had a few 'surprises' but that was only due to the terrible advise and aftersales service from Atlas to be honest. There were so many 'hidden extras' that you don't know about until you get there that we would have liked to have budgeted for them really! We couldn't critise our Atlas rep who took us everywhere while we were there though. He was great.
The aparttment itself is lovely and we only had a very small snag list. Shame the builders didn't think in advance that the cooker has a lifting lid so that it won't fit under the lovely marble top though!!! And I agree Di. All that cleaning!!!!!
Although we thought it not possible we are coming back out again in October so hope it is the same time as you guys. When are you planning? We are hoping for the 4th to 11th but so far flight prices are too high!
Will e-mail you soon Di!
Sarah x

by Naismiths 15 Aug 2008, 19:28
Hi Sarah

was it really hot whilst you were out there - we were there for handover in july and it was hot enough then and said to be getting hotter!!!

My husband and I are going back out at the end sept going into Oct with my mum and gran to show them about before they try it out themselves. So we might see you - flights are quite a bit more though we've ended up having to pay £220 for 8 nights but didn't want to wait until next year to go back.

Did you find any nice restaurants whilst you were out there - we didn't really get much chance to eat out - too much cleaning and sorting out.

hope to meet you out there


by percypony 18 Aug 2008, 08:18
Hi Martina,
We may well be out there the same time as you then! We were there in July too so must have just crossed paths. The most we saw the temperature was 46 degrees. Plenty hot enough and the pool was perfect for cooling off!
I have been doing some searching for flights and have nearly matched what we paid in July (£165 each). I really don't understand why it gets more expensive the later in the season you go!
I think our favourite restaurant is the Garden mainly as it is so convenient. The pizza place a couple of doors down is good too and a lot cheaper but has a very limited menu (unless you speak very good Turkish then I expect anything goes!). a few more suggestions from folk on here though for us to try next time. :o)

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