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by percypony 02 Sep 2009, 12:03
We are off out to our apartment on 9th Sept for 9 days. Anyone else going to be out there at the time?
Sarah x
by Clyde 02 Sep 2009, 14:46
Sorry Sarah, but we will be out on the 20th ! Have a good time !
by _Biff_ 16 Sep 2009, 11:24
Hi all, Returned last week from Akbuk,
sign still says Blue Saescape but hey who cares!

The complex is still looking good, but we feel for those
on the side of C & D block with the new buildings!

Mandalaya gardens is still going strong,

Pasa is hosting a talent contest later this month!
should be a laugh, shame were not there.

All who are going in the comming months enjoy.

Take Care..

by oty99 22 Jul 2010, 18:44
Hi Has anyone been out this year?
by Clyde 22 Jul 2010, 18:59
Paid a visit to the site in June, not many people about all seemed fine, pool up and running and being used. Caretaker now has port o kabin on site to live in behind his original office.
by oty99 09 Aug 2010, 09:43
Thanks for that - out in Sept
by Clyde 28 Oct 2010, 14:53
Any updates on site would be welcome !
by oty99 15 Dec 2010, 18:09
Hi everyone Has anyone had the accounts from the maintenance last year. I have tried to contact Prestige but the web page is down
by Clyde 23 Jul 2011, 16:10
Apartment now sold
by michaelandanita 22 Mar 2018, 15:05
Now the area is becoming more established how is the Blueseascape doing 10 years on.Is it well maintained and are the owners still enjoying their apartments and Akbuk or have many sold up now?

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