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by davido 08 Aug 2009, 22:25
refreshing cold water on tap what more can you ask ,apart from refreshing cold beer:lol: :lol: :lol:

by Moira 08 Aug 2009, 23:53
Oh dear Glynn, not again!!...... you do seem to think with your mouth, dont you!? Being a person living there on a long term letting agreement you seem to take pleasure in rubbing people's noses in the fact that they, as owners, don't have the "survival" stamina you seem to have... as in your comment about water cooling.

And while I'm on a roll, dare I mention it that ,contrary to your daily announcements of the countdown as to when you would be arriving in Didim (not Yenishar!!)you don't seem to be too enthusiastic to announce when your letting agreement will determine... ie., as in "ONLY ANOTHER 475 DAYS TO DETERMINATION OF OUR LETTING AGREEMENT!! :lol: :lol:

If owner Members ( like me!) were cruel, you could be described as a "Transient" .... ie., a "blow in"... a semi-permanent resident.. ready to up and leave when "the going gets tough", I say save your smug remarks about drinking "uncool" water for the blind and possibly the deaf!.. all due respect to those impaired.

by puwer98 09 Aug 2009, 06:57
I would think MANY on here wish they had never bought in hindsight.

It is those I feel sorry for, I/we have never had any intention of buying there, we did our homework, as people well foreigners were getting scammed way back in 2003, It is so useful having forum's such as this and other's.

I went to Aydin twice last week

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by PJRichards 09 Aug 2009, 07:32
As long as my water remains cool I dont care what it comes in. I dont really want a water cooler as it would remind me of the office I used to work in and even the college I frequent every winter time. :roll: :roll: :roll:
Aydin :?: :?: Twice :o whoopydoo :P
by davido 09 Aug 2009, 10:18
here here moira, i didnt reply back as you noticed as i could be bothered to waste my time on such a pratish sure this forum was about advice and not nitpicking with childish comments, and what rubbing peoples noses in people buying there , what has that got to do with advice on water machines . nothing but to throw attention away from question .

by martyn and Joyce 17 Jan 2010, 18:41
I have just been reading all your coments and can't wait until we come out to furnish our apartment later in the year and the first stop will be the million shop............... we only had quick brows in October and my husband Martyn was shaking his head knowing I was in my glory and wondering how much it was going to cost him . :lol:
by phillanddi 17 Jan 2010, 19:15
the million shop is great when your furnishing your apartment :D
my advice to you is to get your furniture first because a lot of shops
will give you "bits n bobs" free

go to the million shop last and enjoy ;) :)

phill and diane marina gateway

bought from turkish home sweet home have tapu + no regrets
by jue 17 Jan 2010, 19:18
I think Glynn's ref to get a life is his way of saying how brilliant the water coolers are and a must have. :lol: at least I hope so.They are very good but if your only over a few weeks then its easy to manage without.
Martyn and Joyce, everyone loves the million shop although it can end up costing you quite a few million by the time you have gone round and purchased all those things you think you can't do without ;) .If you have all your place to kit out then not a bad place to start of. jue x
by sharon and eric 17 Jan 2010, 19:44
Has anyone been in since they have moved to Bellona, its great. The young girl is fantastic and is so genned up on each item. We have just bought an emergency light for the new house and she knew the amps, charge time and usage time of every single model and there are a good few to choose from. Jan and her Dad are as lovely as they always were and its good to see a shop that doesn't rip you off and where prices are clearly displayed for all to see, She even gave us a lovely new eye for the new house.

I love my computer, my friends live in it.
by puwer98 17 Jan 2010, 19:48
And don't forget about the two in Didim, one of them last month moved across the road to a larger place

Moved back to UK on 6th July 2013 after 5 years and a half years.

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