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by Clare1 21 Jan 2013, 08:43

Last week there was a British Consulate meeting held in Didim and Akbuk for ex-pats. I went to both meetings and I would like to give you some information from the Akbuk meeting which I think you may find useful.

Akbuk is controlled by the local Jandarma and there is no police station as such.

The head of the Jandarma came to the meeting and announced that they were setting up a new system for ex pats to make things easier for them should they need to contact the Jandarma in an emergency.

Basically what he said was that each area of Akbuk will separated into different sections and a direct mobile number will be given out to the people that live in these areas. This mobile number will be manned 24 hours a day. This means that if you need anything or have a situation whereby you need to contact the Jandarma then you will call this mobile number. They are also introducing codes to use so that you don’t have to try and explain what the problem is. The codes are not finished yet but as an example he said if you had been broken into you would just say 112 or if you had been attacked you would say 113. He also said you would need to give your street number as well.

The officers who answer the mobile phone will very familiar with the area they have been allocated with and by just saying a code they will be aware of what they have to deal with and act according.

He said that they hope to have the system in place within the next 2-3 months and he will be letting everyone know the mobile numbers for each area and the exact codes to use depending on the situation.

I think this information is useful to have and a great step forward for Akbuk and the ex-pat/tourist community.

The head of the Jandarma (his name is Hasan and does speak a little English) has been in charge for the Akbuk area for the last 18 months now and he is very proactive and keen to reduce crime and improve relations within the community as much as possible.

If I hear anymore information I will let you know. ;)
by christella 21 Jan 2013, 10:22
thanks for that i have passed this on to my friends in akbuk

bowling is like sex you dont have to be any good at it but you really enjoy it
by christella 21 Jan 2013, 10:29
do you want to put it on TLF

bowling is like sex you dont have to be any good at it but you really enjoy it
by Clare1 21 Jan 2013, 10:53
I have already put it on there and also on the Turkish Life Forum as well - thanks x
by christella 21 Jan 2013, 10:58
cant see it

bowling is like sex you dont have to be any good at it but you really enjoy it
by Jo and Damion 21 Jan 2013, 14:00
Well done the Jandarma in Akbuk, this is a lesson to the Polis Cheif in Didim, breakins are still happening, 2 again last night.

This is the one biggest issue in Altinkum/Didim and something needs to be done, many are selling up and getting out, they need to make people feel safe, which they are not.

Well done again the Jandarma in Akbuk, they are being Proactive instead of Reactive, wish the Jandarma were running Altinkum/Didim.

I hope this has been passed on to the Polis Cheif in Didim, see if he will stand up and be counted!!!
by Clare1 01 Feb 2013, 09:21
Hi All

Just a quick update, I spoke to my contact a few days ago to see if the Jandarma were any further forward with the mobile numbers and codes etc but they are still working on it - he told me that last week they had to deal with 7 break-in's in Akbuk.
by Jo and Damion 01 Feb 2013, 11:16
I will appologise in advance, if you all feel that this post is too harsh, something needs to be done!!

Too many people have buried their heads in the sand thinking that this huge problem will go away, IT WILL NOT - it will only get worse as the summer season gets under way and do not think it will NOT happen to me, IT WILL happen to you, it will only be a matter of TIME!!! - There were 12 breakins last week and the summer season has not started yet!!!

I feel that we have reached a point where something needs to be done ASAP by the Jandama and the Polis, before the summer season starts and it becomes even RICHER pickings.

What i do not know?? This is the question that needs sensible and logical answers to??

As we all know, this is the biggest problem and many people are afraid to go out at night and live in fear, as they do not know what they are going to come back to, what a way to live!!!

This huge problem does not seem to be being dealt with and you have to ask the question why???

There were 7 breakins in Akbuk and 5 in Altinkum/Didim last week, that is 12 that we know about, how many more is there that we do not know about??

Having being broken into myself, i fully know and understand how this feels, those of you who have not yet been broken into DO NOT, but you will.

There must be something we can do, can we ALL get together and make our feelings felt, it cannot continue in this vien, it is a Cancer that needs to be dealt with!!!

Is the attitude, lets all put bury our heads in the sand, hoping it will go away, it will NOT??

How many more does there need to be?? Who is going to be next??

As i said above, sorry if this is harsh and hard hitting, when it happens to you, you will understand and you will know how it feels!!!

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