Posts about Altinkum and surrounds
by Jo and Damion 01 Feb 2013, 11:20
Sorry i was to add.

These scum, do not care about what they do to you and the anguish and heartache this causes when it happens to you, they do not care about your feelings and move onto the next victim.

You just feel that you are never safe again and just want to get out.

Yes, it happens in the UK, but no where near the scale that it happens in and around Altinkum/Didim and the surrounding area's, that is the big issue - IT IS THE SCALE OF THIS.
by Clare1 01 Feb 2013, 18:43
I think what the Jandarma are trying to do in Akbuk is a positive step forward especially for ex pats. I spoke to a few people at the meeting and they did say the new head guy was determined to crack down and get results. Fingers crossed
by christella 04 Mar 2015, 22:35
Any more news on this

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