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by Duke 04 Apr 2015, 08:12
Same spot, but a draught Tuborg minus the cig!!! Weighing up the possibilities of ??????????? Well to be honest JUST weighing up how long before Geminiman arrived!!!! lol lol ..
Happy Easter Everybody !!

Keep the Faith & To Thine ownself be True!
by JJH 04 Apr 2015, 08:46
Ikbals is always our favourite place to be also, draught beer
people watching, a nice stroll down the promenade paradise
comes to mind :D
by willip 04 Apr 2015, 09:02
finishing meal and drink, and eyeing up the young Turkish waiters ;) and thinking if only I was 10 years younger (okay 40 years then lol) then looking over towards the genuine fake handbags and shoes stalls and wondering when I can get back to them lol.

by chewy 04 Apr 2015, 12:09
We have a ritual if we arrive in the daytime. We are based in yesilkent so walk down to Aldente Bar on the beach and have my first beer looking out over Akbuk Bay. This is particularly tranquil around 7pm when the beach is less busy and before the sun goes down.
by Bill H 04 Apr 2015, 18:21
We, Hazel and myself, stroll into sedef (opposite Garanti) on Att Bvd, and the two girls bring us our coffee, Nectar, just about right for our second cup of the day (the first being when I brew our own from home). We are always welcomed when we arrive, and thanked for our custom when we leave, and all done with a genuine smile.
This is just the start of our day, and it only gets better, we bought in 2007, never ever had any, well perhaps one or two, bad experiences, met and made some wonderfull friends.
I, and this is just MY opinion, would move out tomorrow to Altinkum, but my fantastic wife has an incredible horse, he is very old now, but a long way from turning up his hooves (toes), and believe me when I say this animal rules a lot of our life, and it is worth every penny we spend on him.
Altinkum, we love you, no matter what the new mayor says or does, Altinkum will always have a place in our hearts.
by scottie 04 Apr 2015, 22:57
When I picture Altinkum, I see smiley lads outside the restaurants, giving a warm welcome before their
spiel of how much nicer their food is to the others and trying to coax me to eat.
by St Domingo 05 Apr 2015, 07:16
Sitting in front of the Toy Bar with an ice cold Tuborg......heaven :), sitting on our balcony with an ice cold Leffe (a proper beer).........a day out watching the footy in the Sky Bar (have you seen how posh it is now) : 8-), chilling in the Taxim and Chill Out Bars, going to the beaches in Mavesehir and watching the sunset :) .......having a beer in Reds in Yesilkent looking at the wonderful views of Akbuk :) ........I could go on and on and on and we will be doing it all again in 4 weeks :D

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