Posts about Altinkum and surrounds
by rosal 05 Apr 2015, 08:17
A late afternoon stroll from our second home down through Yesilkent to sit at Reds bar for a couple of sundowners, enjoying the breeze the views and the good company of everybody there.
by pollyg 06 Apr 2015, 08:08
thinking of the changes over the last 10 years for the better, wishing it was an all year round resort with weather around 90 degrees, so I could live there longar
by Bill H 19 Apr 2016, 06:39
Further to my earlier post about our old boy, unfortunately for us he finally turned up his toes and has now gone to that huge field in the sky, it was a very sad day when he finally went, but I am sure that he is currently galloping around somewhere "upstairs". So long James
by louie 19 Apr 2016, 08:11
Sorry to hear the news about your wife's horse Bill, not been on here for a while and just catching up, must have been sudden with the horse as I'd just read he was OK then he's gone.

Our favourite place is also Ikbal's me with an iced coffee Peter with a Guinness( because he gets sick of the Efes or Turborg too much gas, enjoying the sun, blue blue sky and people watching. Then at night going for a nice meal at either Circus, Goldstar, 365 or just sitting on the balcony enjoying the warmth of the evening which for us in the Northeast is treat. Hope everyone's visit this year is all you dream of :) :)
by elizaflint 19 Apr 2016, 09:16
Do agree about the warm and balmy evenings, here in the North-East, as you say, a "muffler" is needed! I have just got my patio heater out of the loft for the summer to back up the muffler .... !!
The NorthEast is great too, of course, I like the weather here, it is what we might call bracing and the skies are wonderful. At the moment the dusk lasts a good two hours with the sky changing all the time until the sun goes down.
On the continent inland, like in Berlin, you have six months of grey weather through the winter, with the sky weighing down on you like the lid of a box ...
But being able to sit out in the evening in Turkey is so sociable, I always met loads of people when I went to Altinkum just chatting to people in the cafes ... hope to be there again soon!

by Shakespeares 19 Apr 2016, 16:57
Having left Turkey 12 months ago I have to admit that I missed it this winter, the weather is much more pleasant than in Britain or here. I missed the warm days and lack of wind and only a couple of weeks of cold nights. Whenever I think of Turkey I think of Balat village of course, and the quiet and friendly life we had there. My memories of Didim from the last few years are, unfortunately, not so good, we preferred it when there were fewer people on average but more expats stayed over the winter.(Greetings to the regulars of Carol's Winehouse!)
We have a very different experience of Berlin in the winters, about half the rain Britain gets, cloudless sunny days more times than overcast, hardly any frost on the car, and the roads cleared of any snow within hours. It is colder than Britain though but the houses, shops, and public places have such good insulation and heating and everything continues to work e.g. the schools don't close every five minutes!

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