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by ted j 25 Jul 2015, 18:38
Got a taxi from Migros with a big shop yesterday
The fare seemed a bit steep for a 4 minute journey to just past Bim ..20 lira , is that the going rate this year ....or does anyone use a regular cheaper english speaking taxi
by Tommo 25 Jul 2015, 19:07
Hi Ted it depends on who you get in early May it cost Mo and I 20tl out of town the least we payed was 15tl but you can pay up to 30tl just have to barter with them but I think 20tl is the going rate cheers Tom :roll:
by Juco 25 Jul 2015, 20:16
I think you MUST ask before going in a taxi, a couple of years back in Akbuk they were charging 20 TL to travel about 1.5 k, this year it was 10TL for the same journey but we always asked before setting foot in the taxi, if it was any higher we just got the dolmus which just meant an extra 100 yards walk, although not as convenient if loads of shopping.

by Lyn 25 Jul 2015, 20:50
I always thought that journeys around Altinkum & Didim were only 10 TL. We only pay 20 TL from Altinkum to Yesilkent.

With age comes skills, it's called multi-tasking. I can laugh, cough, sneeze and pee all at the same time.
by oldfogy 25 Jul 2015, 22:26
I'm not much of a taxi person but 20 Lira does sound a bit much especially for that short journey.

Then again as said by Juco, we should always check/ask for a price first.
However as said previously not being a taxi person, but don't the taxi's have meters in them?

Should have nipped into the nearest bar, had a drink then asked for a run home with the shopping.
(As seen in the past on 2 separate occasions by different people)
by ted j 26 Jul 2015, 03:53
We didn't really have a lot of choice Philip
We had 6 bags and a floor standing fan in a big box , so nipping in a nearby bar wasn't an option and there were only 2 taxis, both the same firm
I did try to haggle but he said "No, that is price"

It's not that hard surely to find someone who will take you on as a contract and give a discount

Incidentally Lyn, 2 years ago we found 15 lira was the norm ....if you know any taxis that will do short runs around Didim for 15 lira or under, I'd be greateful of their number (and that isn't being condescending , it is a genuine ask )
by elizaflint 26 Jul 2015, 14:28
Looking at the prices for Istanbul, I think someone is taking the proverbial when it comes to taxis in Altinkum. I find that quite sad.

by oldfogy 26 Jul 2015, 15:28
I did notice a price list on the outside of taxi office hut at the bottom of Ataturk Blvd, but don't know if it showed sort of local or just to different area's and airports.

Maybe take a photo of it to be able to show the next rip-off driver that you really do know the price.
Might be worth a walk down that way, just out of curiosity of-course.

Are there meters in the cabs or not?
by ted j 26 Jul 2015, 15:33
There are meters but I've never seen one switched on
2 years ago we went from didim to Yesilkent for 15 lira , Think I'll get a car

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