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by mary 06 Oct 2016, 17:04
Looking for an English speaking lawyer so that my husband and I can make a will. Only here for another 5 days.
by Juco 06 Oct 2016, 17:19
I wouldnt recommend one as i dont trust any of them, but thats just my opinion.
Do be careful they word it properly or you will negate your UK Will if you have one.

Personally I would go for POA over each other rather than a Will.

by prover 07 Oct 2016, 10:08
Put a family member you have faith in on your bank account. They can close the account and transfer the money to the UK. Make the person owner of any property you have. Give the details of what you have done to the recipients of the will through a solicitor in the UK. As Juco said be very wary of any businessmen in Turkey and in particular Altinkum.
by elizaflint 08 Oct 2016, 17:04
I did it through my solicitor in England who used a Turkish lawyer in London. The will is deposited with my English solicitor. Cost around GBP 600, well worth it.


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