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by ted j 17 Jun 2017, 06:40
I put this post up on TLF and facebook
Kath and I were out on the bike this morning , going down Marina road
We saw some new builds and turned down a side road for a better look, (a friend of ours is on the lookout for a place ). As we did we passed another side road, two street dogs came charging out , one was obviously out for somebody's blood, the bastard charged right at us, I accelerated but the road ran out, so I tried turning round with the view to ram the bugger as he was going for Kath's legs , I turned too fast and the bike went over with us on it
I ended up with the bike on my left foot (luckily my sandal took the brunt but my foot was trapped and I managed to wiggle my foot free )
Kath had turned to try and kick at the dog and consequently landed on her back , feet up in the air , I panicked but luckily for us, 3 people came up from a villa we'd just passed and got me to my feet and after checking Kath hadn't damaged her spine, helped her up too
The guy and two ladies managed to get the bike upright and it has minimal damage ....a small scrape down a bit of the wheel arch and a split foot rest (all easily fixable
I have ended up with scratches and multiple bruises all up my right arm ,right foot , a scraped puffed up knee and a nice piece of skin missing from my calf , as well as badly bruising my right ribs
Kath ended up with a damaged coxix and a scrorped elbow
We went straight away to the hospital where we had x rays and we are both just badly bruised but it could have been so much worse
I will check in the next few days to see where I report the bloody dogs ....they want putting down, the bugger that came at us wasn't just chasing us like chasing a car, it was after biting us

This happened at 507 sok , just found it on google maps, so beware when going near there, the 3 people who helped us told us the dogs bark and run after everything including push bikes

I will be reporting this to the police when I can get about a bit more, I'm still really bruised

TLF got sensible replies , facebook however is full of animal lovers ...I am an animal lover too, but don't stick up for dangerous dogs , they did, I had comments like "I can see from your post what kind of people you are"...that was referring to Kath kicking out at the bigger of the 2 dogs who was trying to bite her legs
I also got
You should go back to the UK then
You must have antagonised them
If you smile at them , hold your hand out, it will calm them

We have friends who raise money and support the animal shelter , but some animal lovers are delusional to the point of being really blinkered and can't see any dog being vicious
BTW.we were on my 3 wheel electric scooter and because we were looking at properties were only going about 5 mph (walking pace)
by Lyn 17 Jun 2017, 12:43
Glad to hear you're both relatively OK. As for the replies on FB, there really are some silly buggers about.

With age comes skills, it's called multi-tasking. I can laugh, cough, sneeze and pee all at the same time.
by oldfogy 18 Jun 2017, 14:35
When this happened to me outside Goldsands2 I was told to make a report to the 24 hr Zabita on 0256 811 3221 and although fairly helpfull nothing seemed to happen but the narly a week later 2 of the 4 dogs were taken away 'but were also returned a couple of days later but they seem much calmer now 'Probably hid their bits chopped off which I am told quietens them down.
Also advise tho make a report to the council off which in all honesty I did not do.
by oldfogy 24 Jun 2017, 11:15
Walking back past GoldSands2 with friends last night and those dogs are getting far too friendly again jumping up at peoples backs, they need sorting permanently. As much as I love dogs they are a damn nuisance.
by Tommo 30 Jun 2017, 10:34
The dogs are a problem as you know we are on Goldsand2 and had to get wire round on top of the wall to keep them out They were coming in and digging holes to lie in and the noise in the mornings is wild Hope they get them sorted soon Sorry I have not been on but have been up to my eyes in the music with the homes etc I will try and get some of the photos from down the front on soon have to go I have to gigs on today and its my 65th birthday but am having a mad party tonight Sorry I missed you that night Phil could not stay speak soon Tom :D :D :D
by oldfogy 30 Jun 2017, 23:51
Tom, I'm surprised your complex hasn't done anything about them especially as I see some young women getting of of cars and then running into GS2 away from the dogs.
I will be taking a water pistol filled with vinegar the next time I'm up there.
Might even be a useful tool to stop the cats howling.
by ted j 01 Jul 2017, 05:33
If you go down the cobbled road that goes past the new mosque (heading away from the top roundabout), on the right hand side is a small shop which has fishing tackle outside and wristwatches inside a glass display case on the left as you go in
I believe they sell a black rechargeable torch, about 7 inches long , which emits a loud crackling noise and apparently will give anything it touches, a nasty electric shock
I am putting this on purely for information ..... I believe they are 70-75 lira
by ted j 20 Jul 2017, 08:45
Someone posted that around 10 dogs were fighting on the beach last night (although we were in Topkapi and didn't hear or see anything)
Then more people posted that the the mad dog situation was getting worse THEN the same looney dog lovers came out with the exact same replies I got
Go live in another country
The dogs were here before you
They must have been provoked

Well let me tell you, we had dogs for 17 years, we feed our street dog Sparky (or to give him his Turkish name Ozso) and we were doing absoluteley NOTHING ....we weren't even going down the street these 2 arsewipes came out of , we weren't going fast, we DID NOTHING to antagonise or thtreaten them, THEY chose to chase us, they were not after the bike tyres or simply barking, they were trying to bite Kath's legs , one was trying to climb aboard the bike !

I say this to all the misguided arseholes who assume all dogs are friendly .....YOU go down that road on a bike and try to reason with them you blinkered tossers
by Tommo 20 Jul 2017, 09:40
Hi Ted do you mean that road the one past Gold Sand 2 as I am hoping that they have sorted the dog problem out They can be uncomfortable to walk past somtimes :?

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