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by cozy3pilot 18 Jun 2017, 08:40
Hi, can someone find out when the next MOT day in didim market is ? I know they do them there once a month, but I can't remember what day of the month it is, I have had it done twice there, but they seem to choose random dates! I will be out on the 4th of July and hope I havent missed it, soke is too far for my 100cc bike. Your help appreciated, the shops that sell bikes should know, like SENOL. thanks in advance.Glenn
by cozy3pilot 20 Jun 2017, 07:32
I have managed to find out the dates for mot's in Didim Market they are july 3,4,& 5th if anyone is interested, you need to get there early and get a ticket with your appointed time, then return at that time for your MOT :)

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