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by Duke 17 Oct 2017, 16:00
It's so sad to think this forum was such a vibrant hive of activity & information with photos galore & anecdotes etc ... I check 2/3 times a day & wish I was there BUT becaus Karen is so poorly I'm unable to be !!! I rely on members who ARE in resort to keep me & looking at foot of forum page 45 others looking as I write !!! People look & say nothing !!!
Please fellow members make an effort for us folk unable for one reason or other who cannot be there..... Even if it's to tell us about specials at local bars cafes etc!!! Or supermarket events etc...
I know the seasons come to an end more or less BUT news of bargains bought or nights out that were Crap or Brill helps make us feel a part of the scene too!!
News of Dolmus routes or new bus trips etc would be also nice to hear!! If anyone lives in the Hunters Valley (where my villa is ) an update of what's happening would also be lovely !!! Bars open close hours etc ???
New people reading this please don't just peruse the forum join in contribute lets get some real involvement !!!
That's it!! I've had my annual moan lol lol !! If it wasn't for about 5 mimes I think this forum would have folded months ago!! It's a valuable asset & I love Altinkum & still Believe in its future so come on folks ...

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by ted j 17 Oct 2017, 16:35
Over on Tuntas beach area , most bars have closed , as have a few shops

Main beach still had swimmers in the sea today and a spattering of sunbathers Toy bar, Ikbals, Topkapi Pinocchios and My Eden all still open , as are the Vista and Golf bar on the boulevard , further up the boulevard, Cafe More was open today
Billy from Moby Dick's told me this tea time that they will stay open all winter except for Sundays , Unsal at Martinos said he will close for a few weeks then reopen up a few days a week over the winter if possible and he gets customers
Ozden from Caspers bar has had his extension (the tent) knocked down and has had an electric slide back roof fitted with lights the same as those on the front, the glass will be going in for the sides in a week or 2 and he is then going to remove the glass separating the inside from outside to create one big area .....Both him, Faruk's and U2 bar will be open all winter but Bar one has now closed for the season
Up in the town, most shops stay open all year as do the Turkish eateries
The council workers have been busy pruning back the bushes on central reservations all over the place , as I mentioned in another post, Deniz bank has now moved to right opposite big Migros , the boat trips are still operating for the time being, that's about it really
by oldfogy 17 Oct 2017, 21:36
Duke, not a lot I can say as Ted has usually said everything I would be saying except once again the daytime today was extremely hot and this evening is quite mild also.
And on that note I must also say your absence has been noted and hope everything your end is not to much and regards to karen.
by durham rader 18 Oct 2017, 08:01
We have been back just over week now ,and really enjoyed our stay .The resort was quite but we had a good crowd .We had the pleasure of playing Darts for Koko Kafe ,the start of the winter tier league. We played the lounge our first game . Rachel played the first game, she never put my name down said I could not play . Sadly we came second . Laura put a lovely buffet on, the food was gorgeous .game finished about 00.00 but stayed until about 03.00 .the next game was against Vista this time did get a game won singles game and a Turkish lad and myself won our doubles, unfortunately the team came second . Again the food was gorgeous and a good night had by all. They played My Eden on Monday evening but again came second ,and one of players managed to hit the scorer in the arm with her dart . If anyone goes to Koko Kate please give them our best regards and see them all in June. (And well said Duke we also rely on the forum for news and gossip ,and photos are a bonus .

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by prover 21 Oct 2017, 16:32
Every thing has its day Duke. The forum has nose dived due to so many people returning to live in the UK and many many others selling up. We sold a few years ago but still return every year for a week. We fly to Dalaman and stay in Dalyan for 3-4 weeks with a drive to Altinkum in the middle. The drive is great - through the mountains etc. Got to say though after being to other places in Turkey, Altinkum is a bit lacklustre. The hastle boys are still at it and the lack of any cohesive planning, has resulted in a poor visual aspect of the resort. On the other hand the Marina and Yacht club is excellent. However we have good memories of the place - hence our return every year for a few days.
by Kim 22 Oct 2017, 10:23
i have tried starting many discussions such as the present turkish government wanting to ruin their country. since they got in the lira has devalued, makings bank accounts worthless, alcohol has been taxed through the roof (but not cigarettes because he smokes!), petrol has been taxed. we were in spain recently, much cheaper to live out there now. i have had no response to issues such as these, people seem more happy to tell repetitive jokes or slag people off. that is why we do not post so much now. thank you and good night.
posted by jim

by durham rader 22 Oct 2017, 17:42
Agree. Agree. Agree. But we still enjoy our selves. Petrol not an issue as we don't drive .yes it makes everything dearer but no dearer than uk . Alcohol about the same as uk . Weather, better than uk . Social life better than uk . Once we stop enjoying Turkey we will also move on .

RAchel /DERrick. To far North to be English and to far South to be Scottish.
by oldfogy 23 Oct 2017, 15:29
I also wonder how many people have been driven away from the forum because of the lack of notifications to threads they are following and nothing still appears to be being done to resolve this problem, and yes I am still NOT receiving notifications and it is a pain I the butt having to open the forum so often just to find nothing as in NO updates or worse still someone replied maybe the day before and is still waiting for a further reply.
Or is this just another way of slowly, slowly closing the forum down due to lack of members posting.
by St Domingo 24 Oct 2017, 05:40
We are here now and the weather has been fantastic but next couple of days we are getting rain. The resort is quiet but the sea front busy and we are loving it. Had a quick one in the Wiganer yesterday and Lyn was doing his quiz then we went to Moby's for Fish & Chips. Been up to the Karasoy and he's not doing food but let's you bring your own and the Rose Bar is still open. Our local the Sky Bar is open for another week but they are keeping their other place the Deniz Restaurant open over the winter.

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by Lyn 24 Oct 2017, 12:18
I must say that I am guilty of not adding to the forum recently but, as most of you know, our villa is up for sale and although not advertised with any Emlak yet, we have had quite a bit of interest but as I'm not in the least interested in dropping the price down for a local, no real progress as yet. I've been busy doing some DIY that I should have done some time ago. We are in no rush to get back to the UK but eventually it will happen.

Back to Altinkum/Yesilkent etc. I shall be out and about in the next few days with my camera so I'll be posting anything new that's going on in the resort.

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