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by St Domingo 26 Oct 2017, 16:47
Is Reds still open Lyn


nil satis nisi optimum
by Lyn 27 Oct 2017, 02:05
St Domingo wrote:Is Reds still open Lyn


I believe so John, although we haven't been down there for a while.

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by Tinker 02 Nov 2017, 10:41
We are back from Turkey about a month now. It was quiet enough. Spent a lot of evenings at Ikbals on the front for a couple of sherberts and a banana split with ice cream etc. Ate there a couple of times. Nice to people watch, very relaxing.
One of our favourite restaurants the Blue in Yesilkent has stopped catering for the British customer. No football on the system and no quiz on Wednesdays. Spoke to Erdi about it and he said demand had dropped. We went out a couple of times as we enjoy the food and we noticed the clientele were mainly Turkish people. Hardly any British. Maybe it will revert to be like it was a few years ago, although i doubt it. We will go once a week as we enjoy the ambience of the place. Hopefully the resort will buck up in the future.
by WRD60 02 Nov 2017, 14:27
We were over in Altinkum in May and then again in August, on both occasions I noticed that there was a big increase in Turkish customers in bars and restaurants that have been traditionally predominantly British clientele, it is good to see the premises busy with Turkish customers as its good to mix with local people and other nationals, however it is an indication of the reduction of British tourists to the area. I wonder if other Turkish resorts are seeing a similar trend.

Hoping to be back over in Jan or Feb, does anybody know which bars and restaurants are likely to open throughout Winter?
by ted j 02 Nov 2017, 15:42
Faruk's, Leon's U2 , Caspers all stay open all winter , as do the Vista , Topkapi , Pnocchio's , Toy bar and My Eden
Most of the Turkish eateries stay open all year up the boulevard and in the town (Alo 24 etc)
by Duke 02 Nov 2017, 22:30
Thank you all for the snippets of life in Altinkum & the area!!! It's made me feel so much better knowing that members will keep this forum running even if it's not as busy as the Hay days of Keith & Lynne !!! Still life tends to be a circle & tourism will come back in numbers eventually !! Maybe not as British as before BUT let's face it that's not the end of the world is it ?? I love countries that retain their identity & culture unlike here in the UK where it's being bled dry !!! I look forward to my return to the villa next spring & although Karen won't be able to fly & she's not improved she's no worse health wise & God willing she will maintain this level for a long time yet to come !!!! Even if/when we eventually complete the sale of the Villa I shall always have at least one annual holiday in Didim !!!
Keep the news views (minus abuse) coming folks !!! God bless & keep you all safe

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by Ed and Joy 03 Nov 2017, 13:12
I think that perhaps the Turks that are holidaying in Altinkum have changed a bit. There has always been quite a lot of Turks but they didn't eat out and carried picnics to the beach etc. Now they seem much more inclined to go to the bars and restaurants and I have seen large parties of them seriously hitting the Raki. It will help the local businesses if they are more affluent and prepared to spend.
by joshelen 29 Nov 2017, 06:12
I read a report when I was out in October. Tourism in Turkey rose significantly last year. Amongst others the main groups were 1 million Russians, 1Million Iranians (predicted to be 2 million next year), 700,000 Bulgarians with UK visitors down to only 300,000. Not surprisingly the businesses aimed at the British market are having to adapt particularly when a significant percentage of the uk visitors go All Inclusive. As Turkey has aligned itself more with the Middle East/Russia it is not surprising the Tourist market has evolved. In terms of the Blue Restaurant our house was s in Yesilkent and we eat there regularly. I love the food and welcome and location. I don’t mind it adapting, I just want it to survive.
by ted j 29 Nov 2017, 07:06
Some of the younger Turks do spend , but some of the elder Turks still just drink water and are tight with the cash
David People used to be crap, the food in there was served how the chef thought it should be , not how you ordered it
Then they changed the chef and it improved no end , but our last visit saw it revert to an all Turkish menu , no other food option and the staff were useless at trying to understand a simple instruction ........They have lost loads of custom from the British expats who stay over winter, everyone saying how bad they now are
Don't get me wrong, it isn't the fact that the dishes are now all Turkish, they are just mush
by WRD60 29 Nov 2017, 09:16
Not good to hear about Davis People, friends who travel and stay in their apartment every Christmas have highly recommended it, they visit quite frequently during the daytime for coffee and lunchtime meals.

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