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by Lyn 13 Dec 2017, 07:20
elizaflint wrote: Love also to Lyn if you read this!!

Hi Eliza.
Great report on your impression of the place. A lot will have changed in 7 years but glad you see it for the best.

See you next year. Say hello to the other half from us as well. xx

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by Duke 20 Dec 2017, 13:35
Thank you everyone for all the updates & I hope those of you still in residence will keep us Mere tourists updated until we too are there to enjoy all that Didim has to offer!!!
I'd also like to wish everyone in Absolutely Altinkum a very Merry Christmas & a Great New Year!!! It's not been a good year for me with Karen's many illnesses & near death events!! Fingers crossed & many prayers we will have many years left together !!! Now into our 56th year of marriage !!! It's also lovely to glimpse the views along the front on the Poilce CCTV shots on line !!! Especially today with the sunshine & ive never seen that many sea gulls in Altinkum lol ... Loads here in Sussex but only ever seen one or two during the 15 years we have been out there!!

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by elizaflint 20 Dec 2017, 14:03
Will do, we both miss Altinkum so much!

by ted j 21 Dec 2017, 07:28
They came and block paved our road along with some others in the area

I have a metal ramp for my scooter and Bulent, the guy who made it came back and free of charge, levered it up so it was level with the surrounding blocks and the guys doing the road then cemented all around it and everywhere where the blocks were short of the road edges (they even built us a proper garden edging instead of the rocks we were using ).............we were using rocks in case they tore the gardens up like they did nearby
The downside was, the road between the mini Carrefour and Faruk's bar didn't get done, there is a build going on and the digger put drains in and dug a bloody great trench across the road ....that road and the continuation of it heading towards Bim is one of the worst roads around here

The build in Dolphin square is speeding along , the new builds on the front are still empty , the monday market opposite the medical centre is becoming busier by the week with quite a few stalls , the bits they filled in at the bottom roundabout when they dug out the old drainage have started to erode with holes appearing
There are only a few Christmas eve events on, Koko Cafe, Cheers bar the Vista and a few more , but there are lots of places doing Christmas dinner and new years eve

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