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by Shakespeares 30 Oct 2017, 15:27
You are quite right Kim, I apologise, my only excuse is that the previous comment was both off the subject and offensive.
As I see it, the devaluation of a country's currency is mostly because other, or many, countries lose confidence in the competency of the goverment of that country. In the case of Turkey with the current governments policies. When we bought our first property there I thought that the political upheavals of the past were over, big mistake, the crystal ball was playing up again.
The GBP has also lost a lot of value lately which seems to indicate that the problem with the Lira could be very serious.
by prover 30 Oct 2017, 18:16
My post was, as Kim recognises is this. A speech, or intervention from leaders or banks can and (mostly does) have an effect on currencies. The only destabilising of the Lira in the last week was from The German chancellor. She did the same when Greece was in the brown and sloppy, causing a run on the Greek economy. Not only that but also when the EU gave Greece a massive loan, Germany took most of it to repay the debt owed to them from Greece. This caused the Greek economy to collapse. With this in mind it's little wonder the Lira dipped in value. But Erdogen is doing little to help their economy. Hopefully when the Syrian thing is sorted (if ever) and the migrant crisis subsides the Lira MAY improve. But hold your breath on that one!!

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