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by mary 02 Sep 2018, 16:48
Do they sell these in altinkum thks
by oldfogy 03 Sep 2018, 16:28
Are these what you are looking for? ... p&_sacat=0

I'm out on the 19th September if you sort out one for delivery before that date then I'll order it/Them for you although you could order and have it delivered to Turkey.
But if you need to contact, then you need to send me a PM as the auto contact is still not working.
by Juco 04 Sep 2018, 13:42
oldfogy some of those on ebay are from China and could take 4 weeks to deliver to the uk.

Mary if you order make sure it is delivered from the uk and NOT china.

by oldfogy 05 Sep 2018, 15:17
Yes that's why I let Mary decide as far to many to go through them all although saying that one can reduce the mileage range to maybe 500 miles which cuts out 'most' of the China delivery ones, just a case of checking each one as and when opened.

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