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by nanny1 17 Jan 2011, 13:41
has anyone got names and phone numbers for reliable, electrician and plumbers in Altinkum, just handy to have when we go out there again.

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by gazzer 17 Jan 2011, 15:42
As for an electrician i recommend Ozzy of Tunc electronics, his number is 05439040791... very good and great prices..


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by marian 17 Jan 2011, 19:56
After what I did today, I can agree with what Gary says, re electrcian.

Can't help on the plumber though, each one I have used has been as bad as the one before.
by steve zeus 17 Jan 2011, 22:45
It's a job to get a good plumber in Altinkum, I had to mate who has a duplex above us, had a blockage in his toilet last year, he phoned someone who had been recommended to him. His door bell rang, he answered the door, and there was a bloke standing there "collar, tie and in a three piece suit with rods in hand" he told him to p**s off, your not coming in to work on my sewage pipes dressed like that!......we often have a good giggle about that :lol:

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by Phoenix2b 28 Jun 2011, 23:59
I went into the hardware store near Bellona & asked in there-got charged 30tl for a bulcock to be replaced in the water tank-paid for the new bulcock direct to the shop 15TL-could ave got it for 10tl across the road-but he paid for the phone calls s- vpleased-job done
by colinA1 29 Jun 2011, 08:02
For a good reliable electrician give our friend Des a call on 0539 624 6253, he has worked worldwide and is highly qualified and we reccomend him unreservedly.

He lives in Mavisehir but does have a scooter for transport.


Colin and Linda
by davidl 29 Jun 2011, 10:34
Get in touch with a maintanance company such as Mercan Homes re plumber and trician. Can't give their phone no. but they do have a web site.
by stedge10 29 Jun 2011, 22:44
We would also recommend Des for electrical work, he lives on the same complex as us and is very good.

For a plumber we use a guy called Apo his office is just off the Boulevard near the didim roundabout, he speaks good english and his number is 0546 281 8287 or 0536 888 4254

Steve & Carmela

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by Duke 17 Sep 2018, 11:01
Last year I had two solar panels replaced plus a leaking pipe!! I phoned he came assessed costed I was happy with price did job no problems .. Just had my two roof tanks replaced same plumber !! Phoned gave me a quote I haggled we agreed a price he gave me a time today & OMG he was actually there in the dot Lol !!! Fitted the tanks new piping all done then he tried to change quote !!! I think it's part of the Turkish Psych to TRY !!! LOL needless to say I paid the Original quote .. I'd recommend him anytime to anyone speaks perfect English lived in UK a few years ..
Abdullah is his name 05368884250 .... Give him a try I think you'll be happy with the end result !!

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by Lyn 19 Sep 2018, 06:59
Chris, this question was from 2011. :o :D :D

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