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by Bill H 12 Apr 2014, 11:33
I will need to buy a new refridgerator when I next come out, last one was from Kartel Spot, we have used this for about8 months in total (since 2007) and it is crap.
I need to replace it when we next come out, any one know of a reliable retailer..... Ta
by ted j 12 Apr 2014, 12:38
Lat year there was a shop , as you go to the top roundabout past Migros, go left along Cumhurriyet cad and it's about 2 to 300 yds down on the left
He does slightly marked fridges/freezer/washers
by The Kelly 4 12 Apr 2014, 14:44
I'd recommend the supermarkets eg. migros.

by Bill H 13 Apr 2014, 18:48
Thanks for your advice, i'm orft to the shops when we arrive in sunny Altinkum, armed with a couple of YTL.
by webb89 14 Apr 2014, 08:09
We have bought several items from the shop just along from Migros going towards the front and almost opposite HSBC.

We even managed to bargain the price down a bit even though it is not the sort of place you would expect to do that.

They will also deliver same day if in stock.
by colinA1 14 Apr 2014, 14:59
As you said your old fridge did not last too long, for better quality I would suggest using Arcellik, their shop is situated close to the turn off the dolmus use when leaving Ataturk Boulevard to go along and past the top end of Yenihisar Park.

As the dolmus make the turn there is a stop, if you get off there and look to your left the Arcellik shop is straight ahead of you.


Colin and Linda
by annabelle 14 Apr 2014, 16:28
I second that Colin we got all our appliances from Arcellik and they were still going strong when we Sold up after 9 years .
Never had to get them out to fix anything at all .
Don't know if they still do it but they gave us a 7 year guarantee as well
Ann :lol: 8-)

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