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by altinkum kev 07 Oct 2016, 05:38
Warning Dodgy Removal man........ ( Feel free to share )
I have just spent the last hour on the phone with the Turkish police, it seems that someone I gave a quote to for their house removal from Turkey to Bulgaria has be conned, I could not do the job within their budget and told them so on the face book page that they asked me on. It seems someone private messaged them using my name and offered to do the job at a price they could afford, they turned up sometime last week in a Turkish registered van but one of the men was English, they loaded the van with this couples goods who are by the way in their 70’s and left once they roped up the rear doors which did not close properly. With full payment in cash. Well I am sorry to say they have not been seen since and neither has the house contents.
I have managed to confirm to the police where me and my van were at the time thanks to my customer, and they have accepted that it had nothing to do with me, although I do have to go to the Turkish border to do a written statement.
Now let me tell you I do not take on other drivers I do not pass the jobs on to a third party, if I take on a removal the only person you will meet will be myself, I do not take any money up front I may not be the cheapest you get what you pay for my van was made from new as a removal van which you will see as soon as the doors are open I have never had any complaints never been late never had any damage claims never had a break down on the road .
If someone offers to do a removal in my name please contact me for confirmation, don’t let this kind of thing happen to you.

by Lyn 09 Oct 2016, 06:09
Quite right. Good job you could show the authorities that you weren't involved Kev.

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