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by oldfogy 02 Aug 2017, 00:53
Compare ALL UK gas and electricity suppliers

After already spending a considerable number of weeks away from home I have finally got around to looking for a utility company that does not have a standing charge and so far the first one I come across is Ebico through Which at of which at the moment is showing quite a few companies with a fair amount of savings. So although in a previous conversation it was being said that there were very few suppliers without a standing charge this now does not seem to be the case. and obviously their tariff rates might be slightly higher but it's the overall saving that matter of which is coming out at over £127 saving. So it ooks like a bit more searching will be required to find a new supplier.
by christella 08 Aug 2017, 15:26
Try Flow cheapest u can get

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by cozy3pilot 13 Aug 2017, 07:37
Hello Mr Murray,

Thank you for contacting Flow.
I can confirm we do include our standing charge in our quotations.
All of our tariffs include a standing charge.

If you have any further queries please call us on 0800 092 02 02 or email
Warm regards,
by oldfogy 13 Aug 2017, 13:29
Actually I take back when saying there maybe a lot of companies with no standing charge because it now seems unless you actually talk to them even though one may appear on the screen it virtually impossible to get any tarriff prices excluding standing charges. So back to the drawing board and will have to make the effort and contact my existing supplier and see what they have to say.

Oh and as for the on-line savings, If as at present I pay just £40pm how on earth can I be saving money regardless of how much they say I will be saving if my monthly payments are increased to anything over £40 because anything over £40 is a extra additional cost.

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