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by cozy3pilot 28 Jun 2019, 13:43
Hi My tv has started to switch on and off randomly, can anyone recommend a good tv repair shop in didim? TIA
by Bugsy 28 Jun 2019, 16:46
I guess it depends what make it is?
Vestel have quite a long guarantee on theirs & service is good.
If you google the make + Didim, it may suggest a service engineer for it.
Or perhaps ask at Akbuk Solutions if there is anyone local to service it?
Good luck. x
by dave h 04 Jul 2019, 21:34
Some times in this throwaway society even in Turkey where repairs are cheap. If a product is so many years old you might as well by a new one. Just bought one in Altinkum in June but what a nightmare. Migros wanted my passport number, tax number, said the engineer had to set the tv up for my guarantee to be valid. He was supposed to come next day but he didnt. set it up myself, lets hope it lasts they usually do nowadays. It was a SEG tv which is Vestel made 40inch 1599 lira. Most pleased with it. Sure it is easier to buy a house in the UK than a tv in Turkey.

by Juco 04 Jul 2019, 22:27
Are things getting more difficult as it never used to be like that, in days of old if you had the money that was all that mattered.

by cozy3pilot 05 Jul 2019, 13:45
After some research (on google) the problem appears to be on the power circuit board, a common problem! so off to e-bay and found several for sale, bought one for £25 and will take it out there on my next visit. it's held by just 4 screws and 4 multi-pin plugs, Fingers crossed it should be solved, I much prefer repairing appliances than just throwing them away, price is not the issue,it's satisfying to have brought something back to life! :D
by Bugsy 10 Jul 2019, 17:50
Hi there, getting a bit confused on here.
Where/how do I start a new post?
I know I've done it before, but can't seem to work out where/how now!
Please help!!

ANyway, just wanted to say that if anyone has read about having to have residency/foreign kimlik no. to buy/sell a property in Didim, then it is also now stated that his has been cancelled as has not been thought through for those people holding Power of Attorney for others (without having to provide this 99 number!)
However you do have to have residency to buy/sell a car & also to have a phone connection, so it 'sort' of makes sense!!
It's sounding like you need to go to the residency office to get this number to keep phone-lines active even if you don't have residency - but to be fair, I am not completely sure - best to ask someone like Sami Isik what the current laws are if you have any problems as he is keeping up to date with it all.
Personally, we were getting concerned as still own a villa there we are trying to sell (my husband has POA for me) & don't know whether our previous 'kimlic' numbers as residents were still valid!!
Anyway, sounds like new 'law' is cancelled - yet again - which seems to be quite normal for Turkey!
by Juco 10 Jul 2019, 19:00
Where/how do I start a new post?
I know I've done it before, but can't seem to work out where/how now!
Please help!!

If a new post got board index (top left)
Then decide which forum is most relevant.
The click `new post (top left)
Type message and hit submit.

by Bugsy 11 Jul 2019, 07:02
Thanks Juco,
Spent ages trying to find 'new post' without success.
But makes sense now you've written this. Cheers. x

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