by Keith 06 Aug 2005, 15:36

1. This forum is not to be used as a free advertising medium for the promotion of any business, company or commercial enterprise, other than those that have been designated as Triple 'A' companies. The only exceptions to this are: -

i. Well-established and participating Members who have moved out to live in Altinkum or the surrounding area and who wish to offer a service to other Members, and
ii. Those companies invited on to the forum by the Administrators following recommendations from Members. Invitations will be at the sole discretion of the Administrators

2. Any Member being part of, or having an interest in, a Turkish based business, company or enterprise (especially those relating to property), or having a close relative so involved, must declare this information and their role (or their relative's role) within the business to us or on their profile. Any Member failing to do this and/or attempting to take advantage of/seek financial gain/tout for business or allow an Estate Agent or similar access to Members Only forums will have their Membership terminated without notice.

3. Only the registered Member(s) may access the forum and post under that Member's user name unless the Administrators have granted prior permission. Posts made by anyone other than the registered Member without this prior permission will be deleted. Any Member allowing any other person to access the forum or to post under their user name will have their Membership censored or deleted without notice.

4. Members must not pass on to non-members information about the identity of or postings made by other members without the express permission of the member concerned. Any member contravening this risks having their membership terminated without notice.

5. Members are required to post a brief (but not too brief) and appropriate introduction in the Community Reception Category prior to posting on the forum. Members who do not do this will have their membership terminated. Those who join then do not visit the forum again will have their Membership deleted after 2 months.

6. Members must not post any information that is vulgar, harassing, hateful, abusive, racist, threatening, invading of others privacy, sexually oriented, or violates any laws. Any post that contravenes the above shall be amended or removed and the author's Membership censored accordingly.

7. Members must not block the sending of emails or private messages in their profiles as this is an 'open' forum and we welcome Members contacting each other off-forum just as we do on it. However, Members must not send any form of 'Spam' to other Members using the forum email system or by using information obtained from Members' profiles. Initial emails may be subject to scrutiny or blocking to safeguard Members. Any Member receiving unwanted, abusive or nuisance contact from any other Member should inform the Administrators immediately and the Member who originated the 'email/Spam' may have their Membership suspended or deleted.

8. Members who meet the requirements set out in our advertising policy may post details (advertise) of any property they wish to sell or rent subject to:-
i. them owning the property either solely or jointly, and
ii. there being a maximum of two properties so advertised.
Any such posting(s) are at the discretion of the Forum Owners/Administrators and must be removed if in the opinion of the Forum Owners/Administrators, they contravene forum policy.

9. Members must include their correct email address and place of residence in their profiles. The Member's correct name (first and surname) must also be included as this is a friendly forum and friends know each other's names. If an incorrect email address is given then the registration process will not work correctly and membership may not be approved. Any person not including the required information will have their application for membership declined.

10. Any Member who posts information obtained from another website/other source must declare the source and credit the original author where known. This is not only polite and morally correct, it is also forum and Internet etiquette.

11. Before posting hyperlinks to other forums or websites, Members must consider the following questions:- (this criteria is sourced from the Holiday Truths forum website courtesy of Vanlaywan, HT Administrator.)

- Is the link relevant to the topic in hand and will it assist and/or inform our Members?
- Am I being responsible in the number of times I post the link on Absolutely Altinkum?
- Assuming postings are permitted on the linking site, is it likely to reciprocate with a return link?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'no' then the hyperlink must NOT be posted. If in doubt please email the Administrators before posting. Under no circumstances will hyperlinks be permitted for estate agents, property developers or the like, neither will hyperlinks to websites containing hyperlinks to such websites.

12. Please choose the most appropriate category if you wish to post a new thread. If the thread started is not deemed to be under the most appropriate category an Administrator or Moderator will move the thread for you. Please do not post the same topic under multiple threads and please do not post using all CAPITAL letters. In Internet 'speak' this is considered rude and equates to verbally shouting.

13. All directions and decisions made by the Administrators and Moderators are final and will not be subject to debate on the forum.

14. As the Forum evolves so too will this Forum Policy; this may be added to and amended as necessary but at all times it shall apply retrospectively.

15. By registering as a Member of the Absolutely Altinkum Community Forum, Members agree to abide by and uphold the Forum Policy as stated above. If in doubt about any aspect of this, please email the Forum Owners/Administrators at The Forum Owners/Administrators' directions/decisions in all matters relating to the running of the site/Membership and Policies of this forum will be final and not subject to further debate on or off the forum.

Lynn and Keith
Forum Owners/Administrators

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