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by Big Red 03 Oct 2012, 09:59
had a reply from Judimoss does anyone know of her but my pm to her are not being responded to! sent an email does anyone know how to contact her for me. Thank you Kx
by Big Red 17 Sep 2013, 14:45
Dongle still wanted to buy preferably or borrow or rent for laptop either with or without SIM card contact me on5319162019 with thanks kx
by Big Red 17 Sep 2013, 14:50
Still need an additional one as went home before could buy one from judimoss I hope someone out there can help me I gave my daughter mine to use but when here need another for myself. I know some people have wi fi and possibly don't need a dongle but where I am I have NO wifi access so if you can help I thank you immensely. Kaz
by Big Red 20 Sep 2013, 09:52
I just wanted to buy one cheaply or hire/buy one for use whilst here as mine is still in england at mo...cheers kaz
by oldfogy 20 Sep 2013, 21:42
Just out of curiosity and definitely not insinuating anything else, but how much are dongles in Turkey, obviously a SIM card pack would also be required.
by Big Red 21 Sep 2013, 09:41
TURKCELL DONGLE COSTS 200 lira complete package 1 gig 12 lira for 1 week or 39 lira for 1 month
4 gig 39 lira for 1 week.

VODAPHONE DONGLE 190 lira complete package 12 lira for 1 gig for 1 week 39 lira for 1 month 4 gig is 39 lira

AVEA DONGLE 115 lira for dongle and sim card then 6 gig is 40 lira and 60 lira for 15 gig lasts for 3 months

TTNET is on a contract theirs is 25 lira a month dongle and credit included for 1 year contract and additional credits on top is 19 tyl.

I thought if someone had a spare or one knocking about in a cupboard at home or in their villa apartment then I could put it to good use either hire it for the time Im out here or!! borrow it or buy it whatever is best!

I just didnt want the cost of a new dongle all over again when I already have one.

Does anyone know of an attachment that you can have to put a dongle onto an ipad??????

Hope that helps those that are thinking of buying a dongle. Kazx

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