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by jayne 22 Jan 2013, 10:44
anyone know where the best place to buy a double storage bed for our spare bedroom, nothing fancy and needs to be a good price.


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by mwright 22 Jan 2013, 12:48
Try Engil Mobilia behind the Arshlick shop up Attaturk Blv. we got one that lifts up on arms and the whole bad base is for storage. not expensive either.

by jayne 22 Jan 2013, 17:21
thanks for the replies,i have looked on the facebook group nothing suitable, i will try Engil mobilia

by jayne 24 Jan 2013, 15:36
thanks everyone for the info been to Site Mobilya and got one today and i have to say the service was excellent, they were very good and not at all pushy. Good a double storage bed with a very good mattress for a reasonable price.

by debbie 30 Mar 2013, 14:15
What sort of price should we expect to pay for a double bed with storage, also a real rough idea on prices for an average sofa bed as were out in 2 weeks and don't have a clue

d wenham
by jayne 30 Mar 2013, 16:49
we paid 600tl for ours from site mobilya with a really good mattress


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