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by JJH 22 Jan 2013, 14:46
Have to agree about our budget mattresses lol they are so hard,
after 7yrs got used to them ha! Our friends did take some over
in their suitcases but have seen them over there now.
by oldfogy 22 Jan 2013, 16:06
Having recently brought a memory foam mattress here in the UK I for one would highly recommend them, but don't know where in Didum you might get a topper from.
by ted j 22 Jan 2013, 16:45
Try either Salih at Baran Furniture next to the Million shop , or Bellona , same side further up towards the roundabout
by leylaasena 02 Feb 2013, 19:20
I went hunting for one today. No luck in Baran or Bellona but the nice man in Saray, who I bought my memory foan mattress from, was very helpful.
He took me to a place a few door down , above the Beko Shop. They DID have them but at the staggering price of 946tl !!!!
I only paid 700 for my whole mattress.

And their beds were 2300tl !!!!
So needless to say I didn't get one and and back trying to find someone who'll hump one over from the Uk for me.
The one I want weighs 6kilos and is about the size of a double sleeping bag rolled up. Any volunteers :-))))

by cozy3pilot 02 Feb 2013, 21:06
I have just bought a 2" 4ft6" double topper for £37 on e-bay delivered next day, I have fitted it into a holdall with a double duvet 13.5 tog for under £8 from Asda,together only 12 kilos,(including holdall) but no room for anything else.I think I need a bigger bag!
by Joy and Kevin 03 Feb 2013, 19:49
Bev, check the dimensions of the duvet as a wrapped up package, as I said if it will fit the dimensions on easy jet hand luggage we will bring it as one of our hand baggage allowance.

Joy & Kev

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