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by leylaasena 03 Feb 2013, 20:28
Joy, it's the same one as Cosypilot is talking about from Amazon.

How big is it,Cosypilot?- will it fit in as hand luggage ?

by Geminiman61 05 Feb 2013, 13:13
Buy one of those vacu bags Joy I'm sure it'll fit in most hand luggage. I just hope it won't remember this cramped up shape or it won't be comfortable for bev :roll:
by oldfogy 05 Feb 2013, 13:50
leylaasena wrote:Joy, it's the same one as Cosypilot is talking about from Amazon.

How big is it, Cosypilot?- will it fit in as hand luggage ?

Sorry but you have no chance of fitting one in your hand luggage even if using a vacuum bag, basically you are talking about something the size of a double duvet, duvets will compress very good but I doubt if the foam mattress will go that far.
by cozy3pilot 06 Feb 2013, 04:11
Sorry for delay in replying the virus has got my laptop trapped! The topper won't fit in hand comes wrapped tight in polythene 'about 2`6" x 16" diameter.
by Bubbles 06 Feb 2013, 20:43
I brought a king size memory foam topper over vacu packed and fit into my hand luggage, a small trolley suitcase did a lot of kneeling and squeezing but got there in end. opened it up and left it for a couple of hours...brilliant and very comfortable

by Geminiman61 06 Feb 2013, 23:52
If its too big you can put it in the hold I did this one and they didn't charge the airline and ask them if it'dbe ok you don't need to put it in a case just take it as it is. Just stick your name on it like a parcel :roll:
by Marys 07 Feb 2013, 08:05
:D I took a single one over a couple of years ago & just checked it in the hold as part of my luggage in the bag it came in.

M x
by cozy3pilot 07 Feb 2013, 08:21
Mattress toppers come in all sizes from single to double and king size, the thickness can also be varied according to requirements from 1" up to 4" so the packaged size is relevant to the topper size ordered. the one I have bought to bring out is 2" thick and 4'6" wide.
The one I have here in the uk is 3" thick and for a king size, so would not even fit in hold baggage.(dimension wise) weight is not an issue.

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