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by Big Red 21 Sep 2013, 09:59
My turkish neighbours solar panel has been leaking on the roof it has lifted some of the roofing cement and caused damage to my apartment bedroom ceiling by way of damp and flaking paint and lumps of ceiling falling down. I am in need of it being replastered.

I contacted my turkish neighbour who was horrified to have seen the damage to my ceiling which took off all the plaster coving, returned one visit to find the whole lot broken on the floor was upsetting to say the least but now finally they have accepted to get their solar panel fixed but have not discussed any compensation and unsure how I approach this or if they see it is my problem here in turkey. I have a duplex and of course have maintained the roof myself for the last 1o years so have not ever expected anything from the 6 people that live in the block! am unsure how it works here.

I had been on the roof and put down the layers of black tar to secure the roof. So now just have to have the ceiling done! can anyone advise help......

by Pete Jones 26 Sep 2013, 08:06
I have the same problem with a ceiling coming down due to a leaking roof.I have had the doors and windows open during the summer to get the place dried out and now need the services of a plasterer as well so if I find one I'll let you know.
by Big Red 26 Sep 2013, 10:10
awww thank you Pete so much I appreciate that very much and Ill do the same! I did have a friend Emin that I bought my apartment through he was a mine of information so will try to email him to see if he can offer any solutions. I dont know if he still lives in Turkey or is back in the Uk havent seen him for a couple of years.

I did go to the hardware shop and priced up the asphalt however it was 55 lira for 10 metre roll 1 metre wide but as the roof is quite big plus adhesive it would work out too expensive, as also the turks that do work on the roof or drill into the roof never seal their work!! this also causes immense problems. When not here to supervise where they put satelite dishes or the solar panels they seem to just think its their god forgiven right to put it where they want without any concequences of their actions.

I am going to ask my neighbour to write something out for me so I can paint on a board and hang it around the roof! so they are aware of whats been happening also to paint those yellow lines of caution so they dont drill anything on my roof as satelite dishes should be put on their water tank supports or outside wall of the building not drilled into the roof! as this is whats also causing damage. However when not here!! its this that causes the problems as they just do as they like!!

Thanks again...Kaz

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