Stan's Independent Trading Post. Items for sale, swap, free, wanted etc (not property)
by Admin 22 Feb 2014, 17:21
I have setup a Classified Ads website just especially for Expats.

Please have a look and use it for anything you might want to sell, swap or give away.

Sell your unwanted stuff, advertise your property to for sale or let, it's a free service and I hope it's useful.

There is a handy facility to publicise your advert on your facebook account, so you only need to add the advert in once place and then post the link to facebook and forums like this one.

Any feedback and suggestions welcome.
by Admin 22 Feb 2014, 17:54
Juco wrote:I noticed in `select a region` there is not a region for Scotland within the UK.

Thanks for pointing that out, now added.

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