Post your favourite holiday or other snaps here.
by Pete Jones 12 Feb 2015, 11:21
Thanks for the video Phil,the 1st time I tried to access it it said it was private but the 2nd time it was OK.
As I live on Marti Sitesi I do this walk on a regular basis instead of getting the dolmus into Altinkum,apart from the fact that its a much healthier exercise,its just a very pleasant,peaceful walk far from the madding crowd,apart from th noisy boats that is.
Today is a beautiful sunny day but a little on the cool side for the walk.
by chewy 12 Feb 2015, 12:16
I think Marti Sitesi is a nice site. Great view out to sea and the paved path area with the benches is a good spot to sit.

We don't walk this way to Altinkum when its getting late/dark as some Turkish ladies told me that its dangerous as you get close to the town. Muggers etc. Don't know how true that is. You wouldn't be able to see anyway as it would be pitch black!

During the day its a great walk. Always do this a couple of times on our visits.
by St Domingo 12 Feb 2015, 12:43
Fantastic and not a street dog in sight :D

Like the last stop at Ikbals for a well earned beer.......we usually do it the other way round and have a hard earned beer or 2 at Reds :D

So jealous of those of you who live in Altinkum or can go there for extended periods of time :mrgreen:

nil satis nisi optimum
by Bill H 12 Feb 2015, 15:58
We think that Altinkum could do better, but as we go out every year, surely it must mean something, to not just us, but for a good many others. Sure, the town has taken a bit of a battering over the last few years, but also it transpires that is showing some very good signs of improvement, some of the less desirable night spots have closed, the promenade has been refurbished (well, sort of), and in general the efforts of the council have been worthwhile.
The gruesome twosome (money changers) have either been moved on or have volunterily decided that perhaps it would be beneficial to their health to go elsewhere. I wold say that the latter applies.

So, Altinkum, here we come again this year, we think Altinkum is a lovely spot, warts and all
by mwright 12 Feb 2015, 16:12
We also do this when we are out. Stop off at Yayla for a few small bottles of water, a quickish stop off at the shack for an effes or 2/3 then on to the funky for something to eat. Dolmus back as we have normally had a few too many to try and walk it back by then.



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