Post your favourite holiday or other snaps here.
by oldfogy 31 May 2017, 10:55
ted j wrote:Ergin from Topkapi has put the tables and chairs back outside again...........
Not sure if is with the council's permission though........Ikbals have done the same

Well they weren't there last night, so maybe a change of mind and only 2 people in the restaurant, but not sure if one was a waiter just sitting with a lonely customer
by Allan and Joanne 31 May 2017, 18:26
Here's a couple of pictures of the new build where Vista and Big Ben used to be. Looks like it could be a couple of months before they are open for business.
We spoke to a few of the guys from Big Ben and they have got jobs in other restaurants as it will not be opening in this complex.

Photo's not available due to photobucket price hike!

Allan & Joanne
by durham rader 27 Jul 2017, 18:08
Sorry for getting you excited but this is a request :lol: Anyone got any new photos of the front development or any updated photos would be nice , or news on any bars or restaurants . Thank you

RAchel /DERrick. To far North to be English and to far South to be Scottish.
by Juco 27 Jul 2017, 19:48
Allan and Joanne, I see you used photobucket to host the images, I believe they now want people to upgrade (at a cost) or they wont host them.
I am using

And so far it works ok.

Thousands of listings from online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are now filled with unsightly error images by Photobucket after the photo hosting site quietly introduced a $399 annual fee to users who want to embed images on third party websites. Users are now accusing Photobucket of extortion, as the service failed to make the update to its terms of service abundantly clear.

by ted j 28 Jul 2017, 06:48
There are always lots of pics of Altinkum on the facebook group The new Altinkum 2015+
Mavi Kitchen was good the other night, watched the sunset from the roof terrace and got free pick up and drop off service
The front is very busy at the mo , lots of Turkish holidaymakers (shame some of them can't drive!)
The inflatables have been relocated at Tuntas beach , what was Nigels is packed at mowtown night

We have family over, our daughter, her boyfriend and our granddaughter , we have had some good days/nights out but yesterday was a disaster
We set off for Yesilkent, we went on the bike, they went on the dolmus and we met up in Aldente , they wanted to try the Kum bar next to Reds , (who was playing loud Turkish music), so we went there , ordered drinks and food off a very limited menu and waited, after 25 minutes, we asked the waiter for our drinks, he looked surprised and said "Oh you want them now, not with your food".....The drinks arrived with no glasses for the beers , we all ordered burger which when they came were not cooked inside....the waiter spent a few minutes trying to tel, us they were "real beef", so in the end we just told him to take them back and we weren't paying for them (incidentally, no Effes, Tuborg was 15 lira, Carlsberg 18 lira)
We then went to a place near Charlies bar Kamelya ...only to find the pool closed for chemicals, so went to the Orion where , again the food was limited, Kath and everybody else ordered pide , Kath liked hers but nobody else did, the only reason we went to the hotels was the little un wanted to swim in their pools , We could have got a takeaway, got drinks and stayed around our pool
by St Domingo 28 Jul 2017, 10:20
Not a good way to attract custom.

When in Yesilkent we used to always use Reds as you didn't pay for beds, so we always had a few beers and a meal there, but this year they started charging for beds and beer/food price was increased so we now go the beach and then go to Aldente.

nil satis nisi optimum
by durham rader 28 Jul 2017, 19:50
Tedj sorry you had a bad day ,but the Sun was shining . And we don't do facebook so rely on this forum for our updates .

RAchel /DERrick. To far North to be English and to far South to be Scottish.

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