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by kingvillasdave 18 Apr 2021, 20:38
Hi everyone. I have a villa that is in a remote location about 25 minutes (by car) from Altinkum and Akbuk. It's a long walk to the nearest bus stop (about 40 mins) to go to Altinkum. I don't want to hire a car. I've thought of buying an electric bicycle / pushbike or to get about in. Something I can keep in my villa when I go home and use when I go over to the villa. I have some questions:

Are there any shops in Altinkum where I can buy one?

How much are they generally?

I've heard you have to register them with the police, is this true?

Do you need to have a special licence for one other than your UK driving licence?

Thank you for any help or advice anyone can give.

by jicrw 23 May 2021, 19:05
Raymond who is English, owns a Motorbike Shop next to the Big Migros at the top of the Boulevard. I bought an Electric Scooter from there a few years ago and still use Raymond for Repairs/Services. Never noticed Electric Pushbikes last year, but he may sell them now.
by lesleyb15 26 May 2021, 14:09
The shops next to Migros on Ataturk are all being demolished. Motorbike shop looked very sad when we saw it last week. No idea whether they have moved or closed up.

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