How to get the best out of AA and your computer
by elizaflint 30 Oct 2015, 09:25
Of course I just couldn't resist watching the video again, I see it was actually Thomson, not Thomas Cook. What impresses me most is the fantastic communication between the tower and the pilot, making sure everything is understood, offering additional help, the tower thinking ahead, everything so calm. I thought the last part when the pilot asked for a non-stop taxi run to the stand because of potential handling problems with only one engine was also very interesting, they were just so on top of what they were doing. The pilot obviously had a great mechanical knowledge of the plane and its behaviour, not just pressing buttons!
I am a bit of a nervous flyer, but this video has really helped me to have faith in the pilots. I once got a bit agitated during a flight at Christmas when the air was so full of other planes and I could see them from the plane window and I was invited to the cockpit to experience the landing, that was also fantastic. I had the headset on and could hear and see all that was happening.
I am so full of admiration for air traffic controllers, both they and pilots really earn their money, what a responsibility!

by oldfogy 30 Oct 2015, 15:11
Yes the reason for a none stop taxi run would have been because of the extra pressure being exerted on just the one engine whenever having to re-start moving, but once in motion the revs could actually be decreased which would obviously mean less pressure on the engine.
by Juco 30 Oct 2015, 21:05
I was invited to the cockpit to experience the landing, that was also fantastic.

Yip same happened to me several years back I got in the cockpit for about 30 minutes and also for the landing at Heathrow, those were the days. My wife also once got allowed in to the co pilots seat and they took the auto off and let her bank the plane rights and lefts for a couple of minutes ( the pilot was female).
Once after an absence of around 20 years flying (As I would have walked rather than fly) my 1st flight after 20 years had a bird strike on the return from Tenerife, I never heard a thing but some passengers said there was a loud bang, anyhow we had to dump fuel and return to Tenerife with the runway lined with fire engines and ambulances, blue lights everywhere.
Next day we got another flight which also had incidents, thats what happened to me after being to scared to fly for 20 years.
Only way I would fly after that was prescriptive Diazapam from the doctor, I only stopped taking them for flying a year or so back, after another incident caused by me nearly got the plane diverted en route and police,fire engine and ambulance waiting for me on the runway back in Edinburgh. (nothing illegal)

by elizaflint 31 Oct 2015, 07:47
Really appreciate your comments, I also have the little white pills for flying only, used to rely on a gin and tonic, that works as well. Coming back once from Amsterdam to Newcastle in February it was terrifyingly bumpy, other people find all that big dipper stuff great fun, but not me.
However, I do think the pilots know what they are doing and it's either get on board or stay at home so ....
At the moment I am not allowed to fly anyway but hope to be able to soon, other wise it will be the old banger down to Turkey, is that any less scary ?!!

by Bill H 09 Nov 2015, 18:54
Flying is most probably the safest form of transport, each day there are many thousands of people that have fatal accidents world wide be it through cars, buses, cycling not looking before you walk across the road. Whilst it does not ease the loss of a family member, it is still the safest form of transport.
The first time i ever flew on an aircraft I almost cr****d my self, I am sure to this day that the reason that the Netherlands want to be friends with the U K is solely that they are still trying to find the dirty sod who single handedly blocked the facilities that were on board.

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