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by Gangsta 16 Jul 2015, 13:19
I'm looking at using Medusa Car Rental in October for an 8 day hire based on recommendations on this forum.
However my initial enquiries have returned some very sketchy information and I am a little apprehensive.

I can't get confirmation on insurance cover etc... When I asked about signing rental agreements and making payment I received the answer below. They havent even asked the names or ages of the 2 drivers.

We do not have a desk or Office at the airport as all others.
We will meet you just at outside the arrival gate with name sign.

Has anybody used them recently and are able confirm that they are ok to use???

Thanks in advance.
by christella 16 Jul 2015, 19:49
Yes I have and they come well recommended
Pay in pound notes and tell em you have no credit card works for me

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by malcolm 17 Jul 2015, 11:00
They will be there to meet you ,I have been using them since 2007 ,never ever been let down,most of the cars this year are brand new,the owner is Murhat just say hello from Malcolm from Akbuk

by Gangsta 18 Jul 2015, 06:49
Thanks for the replies. Feeling more confident with this company now based on the above. Thanks again. Much appreciated.
by christella 18 Jul 2015, 07:10
when you pick up the car it will be low on fuel drive towards didim the first garage u come to is now closed about 5 miles but there is one opposite so cross the road you have to reverse back to an opening (not difficult) and either carry on the way to didim or take the mountain road to akbuk

bowling is like sex you dont have to be any good at it but you really enjoy it
by webb89 20 Jul 2015, 08:50
For fuel just turn right from the airport towards Bodrum only a short distance to gas station. Then a little further down the road is a gap in the central reservation that you can turn back towards Didim.

We used Proper car in June and was completely satisfied with car and pick up drop off procedure only complaint was the empty tank which must have been siphoned as it was really empty!
by malcolm 20 Jul 2015, 10:58
All the hire car firms hand over with an empty tank

by rathmill 20 Jul 2015, 15:55
if you book with proper car you can request 1/4, 1/2 or full tank of fuel paid for at pick up. we do this 3 times a year and have done for 7 years no problem

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