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by ted j 10 Oct 2015, 09:11
Has anyone got an electric bike/scooter and did you have to register it with the police?

(Licence is no problem. I have a bike licence)
by oldfogy 10 Oct 2015, 15:13
I was reading a 'very old post' of Glynn's just a few days ago where he listed all the palarva of registering and payments that had to be made.
I did comment on it, so it should still be fairly close to the top on the list of topics.

Like I said it is a old thread.
by ted j 11 Oct 2015, 06:43
Problem is Philip, a lof that info is now wrong , the laws have changed Glynn had a petrol scooter I am going for an electric and while officially the law states it should be registered with the police and insured , this info hasn't got through tot the police in Didim .will keep on checking
by Bugsy 11 Oct 2015, 07:17
I gave my views on your other post, so won't repeat myself here. (Sandra Chapman on FB)
We did have an electric scooter for a few years with no problems, but believe the new laws that the other lady was talking about only came in this year as she found out to her cost.
I have a friend who bought a large electric bike this year as she has no bike licence, only to find out afterwards that she would need one now anyway. She wishes she had gone for the petrol version and just been without a licence if caught as there are less penalties apparently.
Good luck with your search for the truth!! X
by ted j 11 Oct 2015, 08:09
I don't have that problem about the licence, I originally took a bike test on my scooter years ago, then about a year later, took my normal car test , so my licence shows I can drive both cars and bikes

The cost of buying and running a car worked out against getting an electric bike and just using taxis for going places at night to eat and drink (which I would do anyway as I never drink and drive), seems logical for what we would use it for PLUS I am still very limited when walking due to me breaking my femur 10 weeks ago , so need something I can get around on till it heals more

I looked at the "Utility" type of bike (tubular frame and fold up back seat), which is well made, but after sitting on one and letting Kath get on the back , my leg just doesn't feel strong enough to take the weight as she gets on and I have to take the weight of the bike till we are both seated properly , (the very last thing I want, is to damage my leg further as if it should break again, either above or below the plate they put in, I would be goosed and in a wheelchair ), so with that in mind, I am opting for one of those 2 seater 3 wheeler jobbies....... (some people use them for disability but we have seen loads of people using them as a normal means of transport that you can actually use when doing the shopping)

The top speed is naturally slower because the 3 wheels when cornering have to be but I'm not bothered about speed , the charging time is the same as is the distance you can go on one charge
by ted j 17 Oct 2015, 14:18
Well we got one , the latest model , it has an immobiliser, steering lock and if you pull the left brake in all the way,you can engage a small button underneath which makes the rear brakes act as a handbrake
There is also a 3 speed option , you can select via a button on the handlebars either green (low) , orange (medium speed ) or red (top speed )

I found the only place you can really use the top speed is on Ege road and Marina road where the surfaces are better than the side roads , but the good part is, you can set off and stay in any of the gears, or change gear on the go at any time (you don't have to keep changing up and down gears like in a manual car , the gears are for different situations,......we went along Devirkan Cad in second gear, which was a lot smoother than top )
I have asked 3 different people about registering with the police and all gave the same answer
(well not at the moment anyway)

This is what it looks like, but ours has a white wire basket on the back .....don't let the look deceive you, these things are fast

by oldfogy 17 Oct 2015, 14:57
Nice one.
Do you pick up hitch-hikers?

I'm fairly sure it was over on TLF where it was being discussed about registration, of which 'I think' depended on the size of the motor, which is measured in 'Amp Hours' again and unfortunate for the sketch info, but I believe the motor size is also on the front wheel.

Not really anything to do with the OP, but here's a couple of links for TLF topics.
I found just typing 'Scooter' into the search was far better than also typing the word 'electric'. ... urkey.html ... oters.html
by Pete Jones 19 Oct 2015, 18:25
Hope you dont mind me asking Ted but how much was your bike it looks good.
by ted j 20 Oct 2015, 05:19
4100 lira Pete
He threw in a cover and two helmets for that , we saw another of the new ones yesterday in blue
by oldfogy 20 Oct 2015, 12:13
Although it doesn't say but from in one of the links I posted earlier 'electric scooters' can be priced at around £500, obviously there may well be better or inferior makes but if nothing else it goes to show that prices can also vary widely depending on make/type/quality etc.

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