How to get the best out of AA and your computer
by prover 25 Oct 2015, 16:10
The problem with these bikes are that they are silent. Walking along the front and the pavements are a nightmare, they are behind you and without you knowing, its quite a shock when they pass you.
As per say, the Turkish drivers go as fast as they can, I see a big accident pretty soon.
by oldfogy 25 Oct 2015, 16:52
I was just thinking of the battery problem when not being used for long periods.

How about putting the battery on the charger, that would then be plugged into a '7 day' timer (monthly would be better, but have never seen a monthly timer), with it set to turn on for maybe just 15 minutes once a week just to keep it energised.
Obviously due to power cuts a mechanical timer would be better than the electronic type as they sometimes lose their settings during a power cut, and at least with the mechanical timer it would not matter that the actual time was incorrect.
by ted j 25 Oct 2015, 18:25
We were told by the guy who we bought off, that to keep the battery running properly, you should treat it like a laptop battery....let it run right down THEN charge it up
As for them creeping up on you, yes I've had that problem before with bikes creeping up on me, but the one I have at least , makes a faint noise which is audible and if going where pedestrians are, I am very careful not creep up on people
by Juco 26 Oct 2015, 00:21
I would google it to be sure on the type of battery. Others may know better but my understanding is:

If sealed acid type then it requires a trickle charge if not used.
If like laptop type Then some have a memory so require to be run down others it dont matter.

I am not up to date with the technology but I would google the battery type (serial number / make) to be sure, I don't trust anything they sell me in Turkey.


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