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by stephen roberts 02 Mar 2016, 12:56
Hi, Our builder has managed our complex for the last 9 years, Then last July said they weren't managing the complex any more. Has this happened to any other complexes, And how did you cope,
by Tommo 02 Mar 2016, 16:12
Hi it happened at Gold Sand 1 and they employed new management all ok Where we are there are rumours the same may happen My worry of this is the way people use there builder / management to deal with there buying and selling of property while up in Bodrum you would use a solicitor .If they move on what happens I'm sorry I'm not much help but your strength is in a good committee hope all works out well Tom :D :D
by malcolm 10 Mar 2016, 23:26
The owners on our complex manage the site we simply started by putting the maintenance contract out for tender ,we initially started with a one year contract and will move to a longer contract this year,you should also realise that if you are to manage the site yourselves then a lot of hard work by the elected committee will need to undertake

by macs50 12 Mar 2016, 23:27
all complexes must have a committee by Turkish law now and yes it is hard work and does cost to set up


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