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by nickilou78 03 Apr 2016, 11:54
Hi, does anyone have children that attend the American College in Soke??
by Duke 03 Apr 2016, 15:42
Most Folk introduce themselves first !!! Then ask advice !!

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by nickilou78 11 May 2016, 23:31
Apologies Duke didn't mean to offend, I have never used a forum before and took me a while to work out how to post!!
My name is Nicki, I have been going to Altinkum for 16 years, I have recently separated from my Turkish husband of 13 years as he hated England. He has moved back to Turkey and I am seriously considering moving back to Altinkum To be a family again, my concern is the children's education as they don't speak the language.
I would appreciate if anyone knows anything about the education in Turkey and what experiences they've had?
by Lyn 12 May 2016, 06:15
Hi Nicki and welcome. Sorry but I can't help with your query but I'm sure info won't be long in coming.

With age comes skills, it's called multi-tasking. I can laugh, cough, sneeze and pee all at the same time.
by Duke 12 May 2016, 06:23
Hi Niki
I'm sure someone on here will assist in some way in guiding you to a solution ... Not having school ages children or grandchildren I'm not on the list lol..
Good luck & please also try the sister forum to this one & a lot more active these days..

Keep the Faith & To Thine ownself be True!
by elizaflint 12 May 2016, 09:06
Hi, Niki,
I am not able to help with your direct query either, unfortunately, but I am sure someone soon will. I hope you don't mind my asking, but why did your husband not like England? I would like to know this because sometimes I don't like England either but I tend to feel a bit guilty about that and knowing someone else's reasons might help.
Of course there are problems everywhere ...

by nickilou78 12 May 2016, 22:10
Thank you for your lovely comments, I have decided to come out in June and have a look at the school with the children before making any decisions. Eliza, I think the main reason he didn't like England was you work and work and work but don't get anywhere, where in Turkey you can work probably harder but you get somewhere in life. He just loves Turkey

I would also love to hear from anyone that has children in other schools in Altinkum/Didim area as we will want to look at a few
by Bugsy 13 May 2016, 05:37
There are a number of ladies here that I know that have children in Turkish schools, but they are young children aged 3 to about 10.
If you are on FB, you will get more response on there from them - try the 'New Altinkum 2015+' group. There is also a place called Zebra Playgroup in Altinkum where you will get to meet other mothers of younger children. And a friend of mine's partner runs a bar called Rainbow Bar and her children are about 3 & 7/8.

I do not know anyone who uses the Amerikan Kultur college though, I am not even sure it is a school as such for children. Most just use the local schools - I think one is called Vallilier, or something like that.
Please also be aware that the schools shut for 3 months in the summer from Mid-June to Mid-September, so you may want to come out early June if you want to see the schools & how the operate. Good Luck.
by Lyn 13 May 2016, 06:02
When you're out go to the Wiganer Bar and ask for Mandy (she owns the place) because her daughter Melissa is currently in University in Isparta but did attend both junior and senior schools here in Didim. She'll be able to advise what's what etc.

You'll find the Wiganer at the bottom of Ataturk Blvd (the main dual-carriageway in town), on the right-hand side, between the Temple and Miletos hotels.

With age comes skills, it's called multi-tasking. I can laugh, cough, sneeze and pee all at the same time.
by elizaflint 15 May 2016, 12:01
Interesting and working and working and not getting anywhere, I know the feeling! Chancellor always seems to be there hovering in the background if you make any money!
Good luck with it all!


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