How to get the best out of AA and your computer
by Tommo 18 Mar 2017, 10:16
Hi All My wife gets our evisas online each year but has recently tried several times but not getting a return email and then it goes out of time and have to reapply. Has there been a change or does anyone know if there are problems with these. We have looked the junk email. After we verify the details on the application we are supposed to receive an email but nothing arrives. We thought our emails were getting blocked from Turkey but we have received emails from Turkey for our transfers. Any help would be most appreciated. Tom :?:
by oldfogy 18 Mar 2017, 13:38
Could be your email address, are you or have you got a HOTMAIL address you can try as I believe they like hotmail in preference to Gmail and/or Googlemail
Although I've never had a problem in the past with my Gmail address.
by mary 18 Mar 2017, 16:43
I've just done mine

After you have filled all the information in


Then verify

They will send you an email

Then approved

Then pay

See if this works
by Tommo 19 Mar 2017, 10:51
Hi Mary and Oldfogy thanks for your reply she thinks it is BT internet that is blocking it so she is going to ring tomorrow but thanks for letting us know that it is not a problem at the Turkish end will let you know how it pans out cheers Tom :D
by Duke 19 Mar 2017, 17:12
Tommy I'm with BT internet & just applied & recieved my new visa no problem !! Remember make the smallest mistake & it won't allow!!
So retry make sure you have your relevant paperwork to hand with correct data!! The email with code box is instant so you should then be able to click on it & contnue with process ... $20:70 I think it costs around £16:60 ish .... I use my local library to print off my hard copy...
Good luck

Keep the Faith & To Thine ownself be True!
by Juco 19 Mar 2017, 17:51
It may not apply but be sure to use their calender for the dates, if you type it in it rejects it.

by Tommo 19 Mar 2017, 20:53
Hi thanks again it seems to be her computer that is the problem I will let you know how it sorts out cheers Tom :?
by Tommo 22 Mar 2017, 08:39
Hi just to let you know what happened BT were delaying the emails coming through to her inbox so she could not approve within the hour deadline So we used my email address and this worked no problem However her email address is still not fixed even after contacting BT numerous times. She did an enquiry on the evisa web site and has since received an email from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs saying there are common problems for those people using They recommended using gmail or Hotmail email addresses when applying for an evisa. Hope this is of some use to anyone finding problems cheers Tom :D

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