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by oldfogy 28 Jul 2017, 02:00

I believe you recently renewed your RP, is there any chance you can give me a outline to the procedure, I have read the file from Doc Martin but it doesn't really say much except for completing the on-line application, So basically is it the same procedure as with applying for the one year RP and also attending the same offices, I used Sami last time but TBH people seem to be saying how easy it is to do on their own so thought I would save a few Lira.
by Lyn 30 Jul 2017, 06:07
Are you applying for the full permanent RP that you get once you've had 8 consequtive RPs as that's what we are waiting for.

I used to be indecisive, but now I think I'm better.
by oldfogy 30 Jul 2017, 14:32
Thanks Lyn,

No just a first renewal for 2 years. But don't know if it entails having to visit the various offices to get paperwork noted etc or is it just a on-line application and possibly a visit to the GOC office for another interview. People are saying how easy it is but I'm not so sure.
by michael51 31 Jul 2017, 20:38
There was quite a useful article on renewing of RP on Voices recently.
by ted j 01 Aug 2017, 06:55
We have just done ours with Sami and a few days later had a text and visit from the polis , they were brilliant , no problems
by oldfogy 01 Aug 2017, 10:43
He did my first one but now just trying to save a few Lira with people saying how easy it is but I get part way through the instructions but then get lost when the conversation starts going on about getting documents notorised etc and NUFUS office whatever that is.

Guess I'm looking for a complete 'step-by-step' procedure from someone who can walk me through it.
I'm over 65 so no need for the insurance and completing the on-line application should not be a problem.
My current TAPU was used last March for my first application and even though it was only 18 months old and under the 2 years I still had to get it authorised/noted.
by ted j 01 Aug 2017, 14:21
It only cost us £253 altogether for 2 fifteen months RP's
We were going to go for 2 years but that is all we have left on our passports

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