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by Lyn 12 Oct 2018, 09:31
Just returned from the UK. We rented a car from RentalCars, a company we have used several times before with no problem. This time we landed at Stansted and we finally had a car from Green Motion, a company RentalCars uses at Stansted. We have used Green Motion once previously and not had any complaint.

However, they now charge £1,205 for CDW cover (not taken from the account if there is no extra damage to the car) and only accept Credit Cards (not Debit) and only allow 95 miles per day of "Free" mileage. Anything over that (cumulative for the length of the hire) and there is an additional charge of 25p per mile.

Their office isn't at the airport but in the Novotel where you catch a free bus transfer from the airport but it takes time.

I have been in touch with RentalCars and am awaiting a reply.

The hire was very good with a brand-new Peugeot 205, but I feel the CDW and free mileage restriction to be excessive.

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by Bugsy 13 Oct 2018, 07:09
We were unable to find a car-hire in UK, as they all seemed to want a Credit Card which we don't hold.
One we did find said they would take the money from our a/c for potential damage using a Debit Card & then it would be refunded up to 2wks after the car was returned - we declined this amazing offer!!
So, my sister phoned her car insurance company & had my husband added to her Car Insurance for a week & got a refund of £8 from them!!! Bargain.
Given up looking to hire cars now when we visit UK.
by kemerkid 13 Oct 2018, 11:43
Whenever we travel to England we always use Pegasus and arrange a hire car through them. Five years ago we flew to Italy with Turkish Airlines but had to book the hire car on line ourselves. I can't remember the hire car name but on arrival they threw all kinds of obsticles at us, the total of which was more than double the original stated price. I told them to stick it and we made our way to our hotel. The receptionist made some enquiries for us resulting in an offer from Budget that we couldn't refuse and delivered to our hotel at no extra cost. We were also able to return it at the airport.
Naturally we always use budget now. The last two trips to England with Pagasus arrive late and our car was already let. Three years ago we booked a Fiat 500 and got a Ford Escort, a year ago because of delays we again had booked a Fiat 500 and ended up with a mercedes C200.
Both air fare and car hire price were well within budget, well pleased.


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