The place for ALL new members to introduce themselves BEFORE posting elsewhere
by Kato 09 Oct 2014, 14:34
Hello everyone,
my name is kato and have been coming to Turkey for about 6 years. Looking forward to making new friends, whilst trying to get to the bottom of the Tapu and Iskan thing.
Go gentle with me it's my first time on a forum

by Juco 09 Oct 2014, 15:11
Hi Kato and welcome to the forum.
Just go to the board index (top left) and pick the most appropriate section to ask your questions.

by elizaflint 09 Oct 2014, 16:31
Everyone is nice on this forum and I am sure you will get the help you need ... Welcome!

by Kato 09 Oct 2014, 18:38
Thank you, having a good look around at the moment, Speak soon I hope
by ted j 09 Oct 2014, 19:03
A warm welcome from me too Kato
by Bubbles 09 Oct 2014, 19:32
Hello Kato and welcome to this lovely friendly forum :)

by chrissie h 09 Oct 2014, 19:58
You will find lots of invaluable advice on this forum , welcome aboard

Christine & Alan
by PJRichards 10 Oct 2014, 05:34
Welcome to our friendly forum Kato. Hope you find all the answers here.
by louie 10 Oct 2014, 10:13
Hello and welcome Kato...I am sure you'll find the answers on here if not, ask and someone will come along before too long and help you

Kath :)
by Pete Jones 11 Oct 2014, 08:05
Hi Kato welcome aboard.The search facility is good for finding useful info which might help you.

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