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by annabelle 01 Mar 2015, 13:18
If you care to elaborate im sure you will get plenty of interest on your post .

Many people would like to get justice in Altinkum im sure.
But the Turkish justice system is complicated and full of flaws ,and many people were taken in and handed money over for Properties /Land before they got the deeds .

Although there are many people on here that are more than happy with there lot and rightly so
Don't know your story but if you've lost a Property there my advise would be put it behind you take it as a lesson learned and get on with your life or your health will be affected by it. :( Ann
by prover 01 Mar 2015, 16:27
This isn't like you Annabelle. Your usually more positive. Any way welcome Gertcha.
by annabelle 01 Mar 2015, 17:32
Not being negative just speaking the truth from experience of knowing people who have lost a lot in Altinkum and some going through the Court process losing more money on the way and many suffering ill health with the stress in the process. :x
So just giving a bit of advise. :roll:

We weren't affected by any rip offs just got worn out by listening to the horror stories. :roll:
We Sold both our properties in Turkey almost 4 years ago so just go to different areas as a Tourist now and its great :D :D
We did revisit Altinkum last October for a week not much had changed but it was nice catching up with friends both Turkish and English :D Ann
by prover 01 Mar 2015, 18:54
Yes of course you are right. Its still a nightmare for some. Regards
by oldfogy 02 Mar 2015, 00:16
I have to say I agree with Annabelle on what she has said.

Yes I'm one of the people who have never lost anything so yes maybe easy for me to say that, but again when you read of all the horror stories and the amount some people have further ploughed into trying to salvage their initial investment has far outweighed anything, then of course there is also the mental stress to take into consideration.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing more satisfying than being able to bring those charlatan's to book, but at what price to your health and further cost.
Maybe yes, just walk away, and providing you can get away with it, just let the world know who these people are.
by prover 02 Mar 2015, 11:16
Its all supposition, How does anyone know what (if anything) he/she has to say. Big interest already! Maybe he/she is the new Mayor :D
by annabelle 04 Mar 2015, 21:23
Where's Gertcha gone

Here a bit of useless information and No surprise really :roll:

82% of Turks believe corruption exists in Turkey
And the other 18% have their heads in the sand :o

Amid continuing debates over the veracity of corruption allegations that emerged following the breaking of a major graft investigation in 2013, a recent survey has revealed that 82 percent of Turkish society believes corruption exists in Turkey.

According to recent report by the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV), the vast majority of people in Turkey believe that bribery exists in the country. While 68 percent of individuals find corruption unacceptable, the remaining 32 percent see it as acceptable behavior.

The report's findings were based on a survey conducted by the foundation on 1,206 individuals across the country between Feb. 28 and Mar. 11, 2014.

Even though the government has gone to great efforts to cover up the graft allegations since they first emerged in December 2013, the survey shows that the public has not been convinced by the efforts of the ruling party deputies who were implicated in the investigation.

While 59 percent of respondents in the survey saw unemployment as the most pressing problem in the country, only 44 percent considered corruption to be the biggest problem. The remaining 7 percent, however, argued that environmental pollution is the biggest challenge facing Turkey.

Survey respondents considered police officers to be the most likely public office to engage in corrupt activities. When asked which public officials are considered the most likely to engage in bribery, 13 percent of respondents said the police, 12 percent said municipal officials, 11 percent said tax officials, 11 percent said members of city councils and 10 percent said customs officials.

A popular phrase regarding perceived public acceptance of corruption in the country is, “Everyone steals, but these guys do work,” a reference to the alleged corrupt practices of members of the ruling party and their supporters' willingness to overlook that corruption. However, the survey found that 81 percent of respondents think graft cases should not be disregarded, even at the risk of hindering public service. Only 8 percent of respondents said corruption should be ignored if services provided by the guilty parties are considered sufficient.

A total of 69.4 percent of respondents said that Turkey has been experiencing an ethical crisis and 69.2 percent of respondents agreed that there is a lack of formal mechanisms to battle corruption.

TESEV's report also presents suggestions for the fight against corruption. The report recommends a control mechanism to have ministers and deputies declare their property. The extent to which members of political parties should be required to declare property should be more “inclusive,” the report said.

More transparency and the revocation of legislative immunity in corruption cases are also among the recommendations proposed in the report
by ted j 04 Mar 2015, 21:59
Sounds just like the UK then

House of lords refusing to have their subsidised champers merged with the commons, because THEIR champers wasn't up to scratch (only costing £27 a bottle)

MP's taking the piss at every available opportunity (remember this is YOUR money they are splashing out on their "expenses")

Royal family taking out super injunctions to stop them being summonds to court

Bankers STILL being paid obscene "bonuses" for basically fooking everything up

Still, never mind, the UK is STILL the best country to live in by far ...........we have the NHS ...(try Chester, where we have to pay £3 to park, and wait 2 bloody hours to be seen as my granddaughter was last night)

We have one of the WORST pension schemes in the EU

But never mind , we still have the glorious weather

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