The place for ALL new members to introduce themselves BEFORE posting elsewhere
by inmyeyes7 06 Apr 2015, 22:03
Hi my names Barry John coming to Altinkum in May really looking forward to it .
by oldfogy 06 Apr 2015, 23:25
Hi Barry,

Looks like you've arrived whilst most people are tucked up in their nests (or pits) maybe a bit more about yourself might also help get peoples interest going.
Such as where you are coming from (not to detailed) and maybe when and where in May you will be staying, as it seems May is quite popular for people arriving in Altinkum, including myself.
by inmyeyes7 07 Apr 2015, 21:16

Alright oldfogy ma saan

I am coming from Glasgow going to Altinkum on May the 25th 48 year anniversary of the famous Celtic winning the european cup a date that can never be forgotten . I will be staying at the Palm Wings for 2 weeks with my wife and daughter really looking forward to it . Hoping to get good weather and get sun good sun .
by Tommo 07 Apr 2015, 21:51
Hi Barry hope you have a great time lots of people from Glasgow were I go in Altinkum there good craic cheers Tom :D
by inmyeyes7 07 Apr 2015, 21:55
Tom good to hear ma saan i will be looking for a pub so me and my 8 year old can hopefully watch Celtic in the Scottish cup final 30th May :D
by inmyeyes7 07 Apr 2015, 22:13
Love that ma saan well done all the best to you !!! :D :D :D :D
by oldfogy 07 Apr 2015, 22:49
Obviously nothing to do with the fact I'm just 'so not' into football so it seems I'll also be missing any of the bars showing the match because I'll have left and be back in the UK by the 25th, shame,,,,,,,,,

But apart from that you should be able to enjoy yourself and the weather is usually not too bad, although if like me you or your partner feels the cold then you might want to take a fleece for the evenings, it's not freezing, but just a tad chilly.

Ok, TV adverts just finished so it's back to watching 'Travel Man: 48 hours in Istanbul'
by scottie 08 Apr 2015, 09:08
Hi Barry,

Ceud Mile Failte.
by JJH 08 Apr 2015, 18:08
Don't understand the foreign language you keep using :lol:
Welcome to this fantastic forum.

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