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by ted j 15 Feb 2016, 07:09
We got internet before we had residency by Nevzat (his phone number is on my earlier post in this thread) and all he needs is your passport details (as required by law) and your choice of a name for your network
It cost us 350 lira to have installed and 30 lira (£7) a month

For the 350 lira, Nevzat comes to your place , goes up on the roof and fixes a small receiver about 6inches by 3 inches by 1 inch (he fixed ours to the solar panel scaffolding) , then a cable is run down the outside wall (a very neat job, nice and straight and cable clipped all the way), then a hole is drilled through the wall to where you want the TV and modem and the cable is fed through .

You will need an electric socket (2 actually, or a double adapter) because there is a plug with a small adapter on it, a wire from that to a small sort of junction box (again very small), comes out of it to the cable from the roof goes into it and another comes out of it to the modem (which is supplied by Nevzat)

Then all you have to do is switch on your KODI box after plugging it in and run an HDMI cable to the back of your telly (you will have to input your wifi password into the KODI box , just as if you were accessing your wifi with a laptop/tablet for the first time

Our box (as I didn't have a clue) was set up by a friend who has had it for a few years , who said he would put the very latest edition of KODI on, he wiped the version already on and installed the new version
He also pointed out that the remote for a box has a button that changes the box which highlights where you are on the screen, to a pointer (just like on your PC) that you control by the up/down/left/right arrows can also use a wireless mouse (which he used to set ours up as it is faster for him)

This is a crude drawing of a setup

by oldfogy 15 Feb 2016, 11:15
Thanks Ted, I knew someone would fill in 'all' the missing info.

And yes, the additional remote keypad is excelent and as you know is much quicker for moving around and the touchpad is active all the time so no having to keep manoeuvring down to the mouse button on the supplied remote.
I also bought one of the white ones (white as in colour) because the @ symbol seemed to be in a better place for me to use, but although overall it works better than either of the 3 that were supplied with 3 purchases, on the white one the @ symbol is marked as being on the wrong button, so just a case of remembering where it is.

Steve down at Moby Dicks is allegedly the Android master and has a good reputation.

I did actually buy a spare Android box to take over to Turkey, but considering the bandwidth and time the auto updates take, I think I will just take the one I use in the UK with me, then bring it back on my return.
by Gangsta 15 Feb 2016, 13:55
Thanks folks.
Contacted Nevzat via Facebook last night and am looking at arranging for this to be fitted when we are next over.

by Shakespeares 15 Feb 2016, 17:52
We had an unlimited internet service from Turk Telekom, (TTNET) from which we ran our android box. We asked for it to switched on when we arrived in September and switched off when we left in April/May. We were only charged for the time the service was on and there was never a problem, it was always there when we needed it and we didn't live in town, we lived in a little village. It was a far more versatile service than we ever had in the UK or Germany, a bit of a surprise for Turkey!
I'm sure all the internet providers can give a similar service.
by ted j 20 Feb 2016, 17:19
We have had our KODI box up and running for a few weeks now , Kath can watch all the soaps and even get most on soap catchup .
There are some good film channels too , watched The Martian with Matt Damon (very good) and Ant man (also a lot better than it sounds) as well as Kingsman the secret service Django unchained (which I had seen before and told kath to watch, as it had a good storyline)
The internet speed has been generally good , but Thursday was unusually slow, apparently everyone's TV was freezing every few minutes , but it's been fine since

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