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by manic23 09 Oct 2015, 17:02
when they come out, they only go up to the 4th September, then in December they release the rest of the year

Keith & Sarah
by Derekfrizzel 16 Oct 2015, 14:59
Just received an e mail from Easyjet - the flights go on sale from 22nd October for flights up to 4th September 2016

Derek Frizzel
by Nana1 17 Oct 2015, 09:29
thanks for that info because I have been asking easyjet just to be told cannot give me a day of release? They have not sent me an email either? originally it was stated that dates would run from 12/09 so is 4th correct? Christine
by Derekfrizzel 17 Oct 2015, 15:18
The infomation I got on the e mail was as follows:

As one of our most valued customers, we wanted you to know that from 22nd October we have flights available up until 4th September 2016. Book early to get the best choice of flights and fares.

Derek Frizzel
by Nana1 18 Oct 2015, 08:05
thanks again! I received similar email from easyjet later in the day so they didn,t let me down after all
by oldfogy 18 Oct 2015, 12:27
I just wish they flew from Birmingham to Bodrum, at the moment as where I always thought Birmingham (Int) was good is very quickly becoming a very limited choice of between Thomas Cook and Thomsons, with Thomas Cook being the most prominent and cheaper provider, unless of course I want to spend hours on a coach to places such as Bristol or/and Manchester etc, but who wants that after what has usually just been a 9 hour stint before arriving at our UK airport, and that's not counting the hours since getting up and departing on the transfer to the airport.
by Bill H 25 Nov 2015, 18:28
When we went out ln May this year we flew Thomas Cook, NEVER AGAIN It would probably be quicker to walk back the U,K,
by oldfogy 25 Nov 2015, 19:13
Not really relevant to this thread, but for over a year I have had problems trying to book either flight only or/and one-way flights with Thomson.
But I think I may now of had one problem resolved, after my last email to Thomson the end part of the reply was: -
It is also worth noting that we don't run one way flights to all destinations.

Now believe it or not it has taken over a year and several emails for anyone at Thomson to suggest that may have been the problem with me trying to book flights, even after calling into a local travel agents they could not explain why their own system could not find any available flights, although jokingly it was suggested that it looked like they were being reserved for package holidays.

So from Birmingham (Int) we now have a choice of Thomas Cook or Thomas Cook.
So it seems it's time to ditch my local airport and branch out to London airports, or possibly Manchester which is double the price of Stansted.
Plus if and wherever possible I will also be avoiding Thomson.
by ted j 26 Nov 2015, 07:08
Quite a few years ago when we used to use teletext to book holidays , they always seemed cheaper from London than Manchester (a logical assumption , seeing as London was nearer than Manchester to Spain, where we used to go each year)

Funnily enough I was talking to a friend's relative and said they were lucky living in London as they always had cheaper offers on flights , he told me in London the Manchester teletext flights always came up cheaper!

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