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by mary 10 Dec 2015, 20:29
Flights out, but they put the luggage up by £2 and compared with large year flights up around £50 return flight from Edinburgh. Price £242 return
by Lyn 15 Dec 2015, 16:02
Amazing prices for next March. Just booked Bodrum to Gatwick for 2 including 1 hold suitcase for £217 return. Can't complain about the price and the travel times are good as well.

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by oldfogy 16 Dec 2015, 12:46
Sorry not Easyjet, but I eventually booked most of my flights with Pegasus, well if I had to travel to London then I might just as well choose the cheaper option.
The truth be told I found by the time I eventually decided to book the Easyjet prices had gone up so much they were/are not a viable proposition for me.

For a return flight in late May 2016 inc luggage for £149.99. Stansted-Izmir-Stansted

Outgoing flight in September with Thomson from my local airport (no luggage) to Birmingham-Bodrum for £76.99 (return flight cost was a stupid £200+).
Then booked a flight back inc luggage with Pegasus from Izmir-Stansted for £51.

But the other main factor were the direct flights to Izmir which helps even though it's a slightly longer transfer.
by christella 25 Dec 2015, 10:43
i normally book easy jet which i booked 3rd sept 2016 but i was out the country when the return flights were released so i have just booked return with ba bodrum to gatwick for £65 each and of course that includes meal and drinks

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by mary 25 Dec 2015, 12:17
Lucky you if you got a return flight for £65. Are you sure it is easyjet as they don't do deals with food and drink?
by christella 25 Dec 2015, 13:24
As I said I booked with BA it was one way back from Bodrum

bowling is like sex you dont have to be any good at it but you really enjoy it

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